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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

The process of working with a creative architect in the design of your home may be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life.

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This site is offered in support of the cause of Organic Architecture.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and many other architects have influenced the Principles expressed in the architecture I have designed and built.

House 2003 and Guest House 2008 For Douglas and Colleen

Repeat clients are the best.

Guest House completed.  January 2008

 wpe4.jpg (14185 bytes)      Guest House Photos CLICK HERE TO SEE Guest House Photos.

  A 22MtHungerRd_11_web.jpeg (141794 bytes)

The Client moved into house December 13, 2003.

22MtHungerRd_12_web.jpeg (98135 bytes) 22MtHungerRd_14_web.jpeg (103179 bytes)

Living area. 

9902 112103 exterior east DX-18A.jpg (23962 bytes) DX-16A.jpg (24487 bytes) DX-17A.jpg (27902 bytes)

For construction photos of this house see below OR CLICK HERE.  Last update 07/01/2015    TO CONSTRUCTION PHOTO INDEX

9902 Perspective ext.jpg (604962 bytes) VIEW FROM THE NORTHEAST wpe3.jpg (15036 bytes)

   The house is located on a wooded site in Mid- coast Maine.   This is a "Not so big house"  with 1275 SF on the ground floor plus 475 SF on the Balcony over looking the living area.  There is an open carport for two cars and tool area to the North.  The house is what I call a single great space.   The major living areas are all open to each other so that even though the house is small it will live larger. 

From: Doug
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:30 AM
To: James@Schildrotharchitect.com
Subject: Spectacular

Dear James,

Colleen overheard one of the architecture students saying that he thought
the our House was your best work ever.    I admit to being biased but
Colleen and I tend to agree with him.
Every house that I ever lived in has been lacking light, even with the
lights on. Your house is filled with wonderful natural light, even when the
lights are turned off. It is spacious while at the same time being cozy and
romantic. It's exactly as I envisioned it when I first saw the plans.
My brother-in-law is fascinated by the laminar flow tub filler, and
mentioned it to dozens of people at work - now we have a list of people
seeking a house tour. Colleen thinks we should charge some sort of
admission fee, perhaps a bottle of wine each so we can have a proper open
I think when all the "fit and finish" work is done you will have created a masterpiece.
Colleen and I thank you for all the creative energy you expended to make
our dream a reality. We simply love the house.


Doug and Colleen

 wpe9.jpg (8399 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (10971 bytes)  wpe8.jpg (9069 bytes) wpe7.jpg (11880 bytes)   wpeB.jpg (8438 bytes)                       wpeA.jpg (10503 bytes)

Space, scale and natural lightSpace in this house is the mystery of what is beyond the view and the continuation of the low ceiling inside to the soffit outside. The floor is at the same level as the outside natural ground so it is like living on the earth with the beauty of nature. 

Scale in made here by the horizontal battens at 16 inches on center and the contrast of the 6'-9" low ceiling with the very high cathedral ceilings.  

The natural light comes in and changes the light in the house continually.


9902FIREPLACE.jpg (252759 bytes) 9902 TV Cabinet DX-11A.jpg (14247 bytes) March 2004

Sketch of the Fireplace, Living, Dining and Kitchen are one space.  The ceiling opens to the Balcony Study above.  The opposite side of this space is all glass open to the woods view to the south.   Sunlight will be present all day long from this side.  The passage on the left of the photo leads to the private part of the house.  The flat screen TV is built into the high back of the kitchen counter which also blocks the view of the Kitchen counter from the living area.  The end of the table has a drop leaf and gate leg. 

A 22MtHungerRd_11_web.jpeg (141794 bytes)

      THE BALCONY STUDY 22MtHungerRd_29_web.jpeg (69807 bytes)  22MtHungerRd_27_web.jpeg (80097 bytes)

Balcony is to be used as an office/ study.  Both clients have and use computers and this is where they will be.  The door in the distance opens to a small guest room.   Notice the shelf over the door and the open ceiling above the shelf.  This opening will be closed with glass to stop sound but open to allow light and a visual feeling of each area to be extended and shared by the other.   The chimney is ghosted in this sketch but is an important element in the space of this house.   Good architecture can never be represented in photograph or sketches it must be experienced to be understood. 

DX-20A.jpg (22779 bytes) DX-18A.jpg (18917 bytes)

Insulated Concrete Forms

Radiant Heat Floor Construction photos

For construction photos of this house CLICK HERE.  Last update 07/01/2015

for more information on material click here  http://www.standardicf.com/ 

Construction photos showing the ICF units.   These units are 48" long by 16" high by 11 1/4" thick.  Made from Styrofoam the sides are 2 1/2" thick with a center core space 6 1/2" wide which is filed with concrete.  The end result is an insulated reinforced concrete wall with an 28 R insulation value.   The inside and outside finishes are attached to the units at 12 inches on center points using screws which fasten to plastic cross ties. 

Builder for this project is Christopher Doherty if you would like more info on his fine work send me an e-mail.

http://www.dohertybuilt.com/  Chick here for Doherty Built Inc.

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