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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

The process of working with a creative architect in the design of your home may be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life.

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This site is offered in support of the cause of Organic Architecture.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and many other architects have influenced the Principles expressed in the architecture I have designed and built.


It costs nothing to ask your questions.  Call or send me an e-mail.  You are an individual and the house we design together shall reflect you individuality.

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The Client

Modern architecture implies far more intelligent cooperation on the part of the client than ever before.  Rewards being so much greater in a work of art than by any "good taste" of the usual client, the wisdom of human investment now lies in "the home as a work of art."  Correspondingly, the architect becomes more important than ever.  The dwelling "as-a-work-of-art" is a better place in which to be alive, ...... in every sense.  Therefore, why not a better "investment"?  The interests of architect and owner are thus mutual and binding on both.    Frank Lloyd Wright from a Testament, 1957

August 8, 2002




That we join in a voluntary relationship to create original architecture.

As we begin, the style and form of the house is not known.    When it is built, the results are so natural we will wonder why we could not see the design in the beginning.


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The process of working with a creative architect in the design of your home may be one of the most important experiences you will have in life.

J A M E S       S C H I L D R O T H       A S S O C I A T E S      A R C H I T E C T S

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1.               To devote my energy and talent to my clients to give them my best, and treat each house as if I am doing it for myself.

2.               To form a partnership with clients willing to allow the creative process to direct us to the finial design.

3.               To work with clients that are willing to give up preconceptions and follow the dream.

4.               TO BE THE FACILITATOR: Guide my clients through the process of discovery and then guide both the client and builder through the construction process to the realization of the built dream.


SCOPE OF SERVICE: As I see it there are 6 parts leading from the formless beginning to the actual physical realization of your dream house.  All the parts are necessary and important, each one leading to the next.  If we follow this process, success is assured.  The parts are as follows:


PART 1:      Understanding YOUR NEEDS & BUDGET: Understanding and definition of your needs and balancing your needs with your budget.

We can do many useful things in part one before any design is started.  

PART 2:      DESIGN CONCEPTION: Creation of a design from my understanding of your needs, budget and the conditions of the location and environment of the site where the house will be built.    I can not start part 2 until I understand your needs and have all the information listed in part 1. 

PART 3:      DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Refinement of the design conception in more detail so meets every requirement and is entirely satisfactory to both client and architect.

PART 4:      CONSTRUCTIONS DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS: From approved Design Development drawings prepare  detailed drawings and specifications that are used to price the construction and guide in the construction of the house.

PART 5:      BID AND CONTRACTOR SELECTION: Assist in finding the best builder and negotiation of fair price for construction.  Prepare the construction agreement.

PART 6:      CONSTRUCTION: Work with you and the builder to realize the concept we have on the drawings.  The drawings are only an outline and a guide.  My role is to keep one step ahead of the building process so the finished house is not only realized but improved as the construction proceeds.  It is very important for you to work through the architect and for the builder to know the architect is there to help accomplish the work not just police the job.

Our many years of practice can make this an enjoyable experience.  


James Walter Schildroth, Organic Architect

e-mail:   james@schildrotharchitect.com   

Feel free to contact me regarding your interest in creative architecture.    As a student, or as a potential client.  

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