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Maine + Florida + West Virginia

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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

This site is offered in support of the cause of Organic Architecture.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and many other architects have influenced the Principles expressed in the architecture I have designed and built.


Projects designed for real clients on actual sites. 

During the life time of any architect many projects are designed but are never built. 

They are worth showing here for the student of architecture and as an example of the scope of my design work.

0302 c5southeastbird.jpg (151420 bytes) View from the southeast

West Virginia Project 2006   Central Cottage Complex  click to see more images.

0501_SW_VIEW_CHANGED.gif (85618 bytes) 384 SF Office with 8 ft wide outside deck on south.

Guest House/ Office   click to see more images.  This very small house was built in 2007.

0303_Harris copperr.jpg (42854 bytes) House on the River, January 4, 2004


wpe2.jpg (34315 bytes)

House for John S. Cone, Westport, Maine  Design Renderings October 6, 1993

 Grumbly perspective.jpg (251225 bytes)

House for Thomas & Judith Grumbly, Design Rendering   May 27, 1989

Click for very large view of drawigs and plan. 

wpe3.jpg (25285 bytes)

Design for 1500 SF House to be built on a 50' x 150' lot in Los Angeles, California.   This two bedroom house on a walled lot was done for the Wrightians.  This group planed an enclave of Organic Homes in the area.  August 1989

MMM_River_view.jpg (257458 bytes)

Maine Maritime Museum, Bath Maine:  1986   Click at left to see drawings. 

Citycenter-perspective-core.jpg (6606 bytes)    Click on image for larger view.

Perspective rendering by Peter Bethanis, Architect.  From design drawings made by James Schildroth, Architect

AUGUSTA CITY CENTER, AUGUSTA, MAINE:  1981   Perspective view of the site from the west, showing Fort Western restored as part of the master planning done at that time.

 milehighphoto_01.jpg (287156 bytes)

MILE HIGH MELBOURNE:  Composite Photo:  Aerial view of the site and Central Business District from the South East.

Click here for more on this project

MILE HIGH MELBOURNE:   Designed and entered in an international competition for the use of this site in downtown Melbourne, Australia.   1979 

408 Floors, 142 Tandem elevators at ground level.  The twin towers were designed to be built over the central commuter rail terminal.

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