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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

The process of working with a creative architect in the design of your home may be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life.

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House for Carl and Alicia

The Living space with four stone Fireplace. 


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The fireplace is built with four granite slabs 6 inches thick.  Simplicity.  The floor is made of granite slabs that express the unit system used in the design of the house.   The slabs are 3'-11 7/8" square with an 1/8" joint between.  The interior walls are board, veneer plywood, and batten.  This living space is open to a balcony above the fireplace.  All sheltered by the great pitched roof that covers the whole living space.   The windows to the right go from floor to angled roof above and open to the east with a view of the ocean through the trees.  The morning light reflects off the polished granite floor and makes continuously changing art on the wall, ceiling and fireplace.   The natural light in an "Organic Space" such as this brings it alive.    This kind of architecture can not be photographed it must be experienced over time to get the full value.

See the floor plan click here.

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