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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

The process of working with a creative architect in the design of your home may be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life.

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House for Carl and Alicia

A house built in the trees only a 100 feet from the ocean.   On the Maine coast, construction started in 1999 and the interior architectural wood work was finished by the owner.   See interior below to see what a nice job he did.


06A.JPG (53267 bytes)  View from the south.    Click on images to enlarge.   

DSCF0453.JPG (3253391 bytes) 

View from the south, Garage and exercise room left, screened area and steps to deck and main living level above.       The client liked the idea of a roof that started near the ground.  So most of the house is a single 5 in 12 pitch roof that starts just above the ground and covers most of the interior space.  The under side of the wood soffit becomes the ceiling on the interior and goes through the living spaces and out the top.  The feeling of living under one great sheltering plane of wood but with natural light and view in all directions.    Organic Space "Shelters and defines but never limits or confines"  JWS

DSCF0437.JPG (1938390 bytes) Interior of Living Room featuring a Four Stone Fireplace.   Ok,  six stones if you count the Hearth and Hob stone seat to the left of the opening.  Click on photo of Interior for larger view. 

03A.JPG (48559 bytes)   View from edge of tree line at the Ocean with east side of house in distance.

04A.JPG (37884 bytes) Steps to the living level and deck.    Opening below provides access to boat storage and lower level. 

20A.JPG (33623 bytes) Windows are into kitchen, dining and living area.    

15A.JPG (37646 bytes) 18A.JPG (40907 bytes) Deck looking from screened area.  Click on image to enlarge.

23A.JPG (38324 bytes)  East side  DX-17A.JPG (70191 bytes)   East side one year later  DSCF0416.JPG (4586204 bytes)

EAST SIDE 2004 Balcony off study above Living space left, master suite above right and den below.

12A.JPG (41640 bytes)  13A.JPG (43573 bytes)

DSCF0395.JPG (1184748 bytes)

Entry car court and west side.  Photo by Steve Knox taken 2004.

DX-22A.JPG (67467 bytes) West end of Garage

DX-23A.JPG (70004 bytes) Car court and entry side. 

DX-8A.JPG (78082 bytes) North end

DX-14A.JPG (68346 bytes) Master Suite above north east side



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