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West Virginia Project

Land planning of 70 acres surrounded by the Monongahela National Forest.  There will be private living structures for the client and the design of several Luxury Camps to be rented.

See Central Cottage Complex: For more images of design presented December 1, 2006

0302WVCCCsouth.jpg (196116 bytes) 

0302 Cox 061104sketch.gif (191339 bytes)

Sketch made morning of June 11, 2004  My first idea made ten days after walking the site with the client.  

Notes from the Client: 2003

One of the things I have been thinking about (concerning the project) is the “luxury camp sites” we had previously talked about. I have made some notes and will send them to you. The other is the beginning of the main project and what I’d like to do next year. I would definitely like to put in the road and pond. And if you think it would make sense, also the pump house (but I am open to other suggestions)-John

Next year(?)

* Pond
* Main road
* Pump house

* Guest house
* Back road
* Survey –select luxury camp sites

Here are some of the notes I’ve made concerning the camp sites,

One of the ideas is to allow people to “camp” and experience organic architecture at the same time –the architecture would in fact be the main draw. Also the camp is a commercial project; it would need to be able to generate income, as well as comply with applicable laws and regulations.

0302 LX CAMP SKETCH.bmp (1956538 bytes)

Luxury Camp Sketch October 28, 2005

This Camp to be built on the side of a hill.  It would have a stone fireplace and small bath.  A large stone terrace and  retaining wall with the main structure at one end.  This camp would have a sheltering roof but be open air with no glass.  The openings would be screened.   Mostly just an inspirational sketch with no specific site location.   Organic architecture really needs a specific site because many of the design elements are inspired by the reality of the site.   The solar and the view are of major importance.  In this sketch north would be up with some view to the south. 

Glady Luxury Camp

Think about several different types of designs –some with full facilities, kitchen, bath, etc. others with only a single enclosed room, or just a terrace with screened in porch, fireplace and open sleeping shelter. To support the more basic ones, a central bath house will be needed. Would also like one or more observation platforms to be designed, one for wildlife the other for star gazing.

At least some of them need to be handicap accessible (specifically for mobility limited persons)

If the wildlife observation platform was multilevel, then an area should be provided for a wheel chair equipped hunter/observer

The idea is to develop several “luxury” campsites with the primary audience being people that wish to have an outdoor, nature experience –but without the inconvenience of having to pack/unpack camping equipment and supplies. While the primary attraction is the absence of modern conveniences and services specific luxury items and service will be provided. These include,

* Hot tubs and or spa type whirl pools
* Stone surfaced terraces
* Outdoor fireplaces
* Privacy
* Wireless broad band network access
* Well appointed toilet and bathing facilities (either private or communal)
* Wildlife observation platform(s)
* Hiking, biking trails

Concerning the specifics of the structures –minimalist almost Japanese type rooms come to mind. These are structures that essentially only provide protection from the elements at a basic level, but are still comfortable and provide a sense of protection. I think that there could be several different types of sites.

* The most basic one being, just an outdoor patio with fireplace and covered, but open shelter (maybe a tent like canopy with a permanent base).
* A single room/studio type enclosure –with no toilet or bath
* A studio with private toilet/bath and minimal kitchen

Design Requirements Glady Property 2004

Central Cottage

App. 1200 sq ft native stone (cut sand stone), glass wall, timber frame, flag stone floor with radiant heat (hot water)

Compact kitchen with 3 to 4 eye gas burners, dual bowl stainless steel sink refrigerator, combination oven

Single bedroom with bath (toilet and shower)

Large stone fireplace

Air lock entrance way (i.e. double doors)

French style glass door

Casement style windows in main living areas

Ribbon and casement style windows in bedroom

Guest House

App. 400 sq ft native stone (cut sand stone), glass wall, timber frame, flag stone floor with radiant heat (hot water), single bedroom with bath


App. 1000 sq ft 3 bay with studio/shop area, timber frame, concrete floor, gas fired or wood stove heat with toilet and shower


App. 500 to 750 gallon in ground masonry minimum depth 48 inches square or rectangular shape with built in bench, steps, handrail and under water low voltage lighting


App. 1000 sq ft flagstone (same as cottage flooring) extending from side patio to central courtyard (connects cottage, patio, spa and guest house), knee walls and foundation made of cut sand stone.


2-acre shallow farm pond

Access road

Gravel 12 ft wide 1000 ft long from main highway to garage and barn with drainage ditch


Four stall horse barn native stone (cut sand stone) base, timber frame with hay loft, dirt floor, wired for electricity and well water

Well House

App. 100 sq ft native stone (cut sand stone), also serve as distribution point for electrical power, phone and gas utilities, roof sky light, no windows, steel door, concrete floor.

Riding Pasture

5 acre fenced connected to barn with large 12-foot steel gate (similar in design motif to the entrance gate)

Entrance Gate

Native stone, timber frame with lockable steel gate (design motif central to fence and pasture gates)


Several small (200 sq ft) vegetable –lots separated to prevent cross pollination, fruit trees (apple, cherry, peach), gape arbor


Less than 5 acres of mowed field, 1 acre of trimmed lawn


Several tractor passable trails for use by hikers, mountain bikes, cross country skiers (follow property boundary and existing timber roads)


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