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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

This site is offered in support of the cause of Organic Architecture.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and many other architects have influenced the Principles expressed in the architecture I have designed and built.



Below is a list of design projects by years.

In September 1961 I started at the University of Oklahoma at Norman.    I received one year of advanced standing for my design work at Taliesin.   All transfer students were required to take the first semester first year course, Architecture 8.  This course taught the basics of organic design process.  This course started by designing points and from this simple beginning, took the development of the student  through more and more complex designs.  All were two dimensional and no buildings were designed until second semester.

I enjoyed this beginning course very much even though I had been designing buildings for several years.  I have some of my design studies from this course and will try and get them copied on this site in the future.

Second year, Second Semester  design studio

Click on image or Title with under line to go to more on each design.

ouRESTSECNORTHmsp016.jpg (671186 bytes)  A RESTAURANT FOR NORMAN, OKLAHOMA - February, 1962 

ouchurchextmsp011.jpg (727194 bytes) METHODIST CHURCH FOR NORMAN, OKLAHOMA - April, 1962

Third year

oumsp004.jpg (666444 bytes) WOOD & STONE PAVILION- March 1963

oumsp003.jpg (648055 bytes)  STEEL PAVILION-April 1963

oumsp002.jpg (16624 bytes) CONCRETE PAVILION-April 1963

 OUMsp001_small.jpg (1180 bytes)  OUMsp034.jpg (641225 bytes)  OUMsp035.jpg (595813 bytes) CONVENTION HOTEL FOR OKLAHOMA CITY 1963

Forth year

TOWN TAVERN FOR NORMAN, OKLAHOMA.  All finished drawings lost.

OUMsp005.jpg (665860 bytes)     OUMsp006.jpg (609124 bytes) MONASTERY FOR THE BENEDICTINE ORDER, October 1963

OUMsp032.jpg (646229 bytes) A STUDY IN REGULAR & IRREGULAR RHYTHM, September 1963

ouPAPERWADINTmsp026.jpg (665672 bytes)  ouPAPERWADPLANmsp028.jpg (678662 bytes)  ouPAPERWADROOFmsp027.jpg (660556 bytes)  ouPAPERWADELEVmsp029.jpg (681678 bytes)THE PAPER WAD HOUSE, October 1963

OUMsp031.jpg (698181 bytes) SITE RELATION- BLENDING, November 1963

OUMsp030.jpg (662760 bytes) SITE RELATION- CONTRAST,  November 1963

OUMsp024.jpg (640811 bytes)  OUMsp023.jpg (654905 bytes)  A STUDY OF THEME, VARIATION & DEVELOPMENT, WITH INCIDENT & TERMINAL, December 1963

OUMsp025.jpg (653686 bytes) MONUMENTALITY & ORCHESTRATION OF MATERIALS.  January 1964

OUMsp020.jpg (654362 bytes)  OUMsp019.jpg (703380 bytes) THE ANDREW C. HUGHES LITTLE RIVER THEATRE, Projection stage.  May 1964

OUtheaterroundmsp007.jpg (12719 bytes) OUTHEATREROUNDINTMSP010.JPG (24196 bytes)   OUTHEATREROUNDPLANUPMSP009.JPG (27749 bytes)  OUTHEATREROUNDPLANLOWMSP008.JPG (26895 bytes)   OUTHEATREROUNDSECMSP011.JPG (24364 bytes)       THE LITTLE RIVER THEATRE

Theatre in the round. July 1964  Designed for the same site as the Projection stage theatre but as a theatre in the round.  The next semester I did construction drawings of this building as one of the classes at OU school of architecture. 

Fifth year

OUsiteplanMsp2006.jpg (755675 bytes)     SITE PLAN DEVELOPMENT FOR A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE CAMPUS, March 1965

The original drawing is 36 inches wide by 60 inches long.   click on image for larger view.  This is a big drawing so it will take some time to load.

The following two buildings were designed for the College Campus site plan shown above.

COLLEGE LIBRARY, April 1965  Sorry no images available yet.  Designed for the College Campus plan above.

ART SCHOOL, MAY 1965 ARCHITECTURE 392 Designed for the College Campus plan above.

 OUMsp038_small.jpg (1220 bytes)  OUARTPLAN1_small.JPG (1222 bytes)  Click on plans for larger views.

 OUASMsp2003.jpg (624734 bytes)    OUASMsp2004.jpg (609893 bytes)     OUASMsp2005.jpg (648030 bytes)   

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