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University of Maine at Augusta

The B.A. in Architecture Program-Adjunct Professor James Walter Schildroth, Architect

ARC 489  Spring Semester 2007 Tuesday 4 to 6:45 PM

Design Principles and Process of Organic Architecture

By James Walter Schildroth, Architect-Adjunct Professor



Present the basic principles of Organic Architecture.    As a life long student of Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect, James Schildroth will introduce these principles and show how they can apply today.   Present the process by which the design is conceived by first understanding the needs and conditions and then allowing the design to form in the imagination of the designer.  

The class will be a guided actual design.  I will act as client by providing the needs and the site for the design of a small project.  The student will then be guided through the design by introducing the principles of Organic Architecture and the creative process.   The student will design the building over the course of the fifteen-week class. 

 Class outline:  Last changed Sunday, February 04, 2007 08:29 AM

Week 1: Introduction to the Organic principles.  Creative process, how do ideas form and where do they come from.  What does an idea look like? 


Week 2: Site conditions solar, contours, features.  Needs into parts.


Week 3: Review the Program of Parts.  Place the Parts on the site.  


Week 4: Arrange the parts on the site.   Organize the parts in relation to the  needs and site conditions


Week 5: Design should not begin until you understand the problem. 

Vacation week

Week 6: Unit System and how to use it


Week 7:  Space is not area or volume. 


Week 8: Understand the needs and conditions and then let the mind do the rest. 


Week 9: Design in the mind not as sketch or drawing.

Vacation week

Week 10:  Where and when to start drawing the design?   Plan and section. 


Week 11: Design from the inside out not from the outside in.


Week 12: Work on the design from generals to particulars.


Week 13: Design development


Week 14: Presentation and review.


Week 15: What did we learn?



ARC 489 Design Principles and Process of Organic Architecture

Instructor:  James Schildroth, Architect and Adjunct Professor

Office: 18 Lee Street, Wiscasset, Maine    Hours: By appointment.

Phone: 207-882-6305 Mornings 9 to 11 AM is the best time.

I prefer e-mail: james@schildrotharchitect.com

Syllabus and other information can be viewed at my web site:



List of text to be used:

Frank Lloyd Wright Writings and Buildings, Selected by Edgar Kaufmann and Ben Raeburn.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian Houses, Designs for moderate cost one-family homes, by John Sergeant

Other good books:

The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion by William Allin Storrer

Photos and complete plans of virtually every Frank Lloyd Wright project-as it was built.

The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, A Complete Catalog. by William Allin Storrer

A photo and description of all extant FLLW buildings.   With address and a map to each.



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