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Architecture inspired by my clients and the challenging sites on the coast of Maine since 1970.

The process of working with a creative architect in the design of your home may be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life.

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This site is offered in support of the cause of Organic Architecture.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and many other architects have influenced the Principles expressed in the architecture I have designed and built.

Building permit August 8, 2008. Construction completion November 12, 2009.

Freeport House wpe5.jpg (29427 bytes) Completed

wpe2.jpg (236086 bytes) Rendering of Southwest side.  wpe6.jpg (10616 bytes) 5/23/2009

Freeport House Construction Photos

All photos taken by Jill Snyder

Photos taken 7/11/2009

  wpe4.jpg (9755 bytes)   0709 southeast stone 071109.jpg (13820 bytes)

wpe6.jpg (8499 bytes) wpe7.jpg (12893 bytes)    

Photos taken 5/23/2009

wpeA.jpg (9348 bytes)   wpe9.jpg (12200 bytes) Living Cove fireplace looking toward the dining and kitchen space.

wpe7.jpg (8331 bytes) wpe8.jpg (8866 bytes) Stone chimney is complete.  See Rick Leech Masonry on the Sub Contractor page.

wpe3.jpg (10971 bytes) Terrace step footings.  wpe4.jpg (10109 bytes)

wpe5.jpg (11101 bytes) wpe6.jpg (10616 bytes) 24 Solar P/V panels, 5 kW system making electricity now used to power all the construction tools and needs.  Contact Revision Energy for technical questions.  www.revisionenergy.com

wpe4.jpg (10488 bytes)   wpe3.jpg (12282 bytes) 4/24/2009

041009SE.jpg (57053 bytes) 4/10/2009

wpe3.jpg (9218 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (12988 bytes)

1/8/2009 From the drive and the balcony steel set on CMU columns. 

wpe3.jpg (10790 bytes) wpe4.jpg (10239 bytes)  wpe8.jpg (13104 bytes)

Starting roof sheathing 11/26/2008 over bedrooms.

wpe5.jpg (9908 bytes) wpe6.jpg (11011 bytes) wpe7.jpg (10331 bytes)

From the entry drive far and near.  From the north, notice earth bermed up to window sills on this side.  This house is designed to be sheltered on the North and open to the sun on the South. 

Photos above taken 11/26/2008

wpe3.jpg (11029 bytes) wpe4.jpg (15202 bytes) 11/19/2008 Front entry rafters.

wpe5.jpg (13593 bytes) wpe6.jpg (10777 bytes)   wpe7.jpg (9809 bytes) 11/12/2008

wpeE.jpg (10048 bytes) 10/20/2008 ICF filled with concrete and First floor deck is in place.

wpe9.jpg (8819 bytes) wpeD.jpg (12873 bytes)  10/08/2008 ICF set up ready for concrete. 

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms http://www.buildblock.com/

wpeA.jpg (11645 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (14396 bytes) 9/19/2008 ICF on site. 

Bob Eger and James Schildroth review ICF layout. 


Robert Eger

1459 Augusta Road (RT. 201)

Bowdoin, Maine

Phone 207-666-3058


wpeB.jpg (12473 bytes) 9/19/2008 Footings

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