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Pi Lambda Phi, Norman, Oklahoma model, Bruce Goff, Architect

The actual building was distroyed by fire so this model is the only physical record remaining.

Vince Mancini did repair the Pi Lambda Phi model in the summer of 2004 and it was shipped to Genoa for display at the Palazzo Ducale for the museum's exhibition of art and architecture. It was also published in a Skira book that covered the Genoa exhibition that ended mid-February 2005.  I gave Bob Faust credit as the original model builder but not Norman Froelich as he did not remember working on the model (I even sent him some pictures of it but I did not receive any response from him).

Below are a few pictures of the model " before and after restoration".

The model shipping company is located in Chicago; so,when it came back from Italy, Martha Thorne from the Chicago Art Institute looked at it. She feels they would like to make it a part of their collection and it goes to their collection committee for consideration I believe in May. If they decide not to accept the model,they will ship it back to me. The terms of my gifting it to them have not, in my mind,  been finalized. I feel one of the terms should be that the model goes to the Oklahoma Historical Society or perhaps the Price tower museum in the future if the Art Institue ever decides they don't want it as apart of their Goff collection. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts on this or other terms for the benefit of Mr. Goff's work.

Best Regards,

Vince Mancini, Architect

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Before restoration

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