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The last up date of this directory was :  09/13/2014 

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The last up date of this directory was :  09/13/2014 

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wpe1.jpg (7410 bytes)  Jacob Harder House, Mountain Lake, Minnesota, 1970, Bruce Goff, Architect

 Goff bavinger_house.jpg (116338 bytes) Eugene Bavinger House, Norman, Oklahoma, 1950, Bruce Goff, Architect


Friends of Kebyar is a Georgia non-profit corporation and an international network of people interested in original and innovative architecture that is not “mainstream” - architecture that defies the tyranny of styles. We advocate creative and unusual solutions to the challenges facing today’s architects.

Kebyar is a Balinese word literally meaning the process of flowering. It also designates a style in Balinese music and art connoting strength and
vigor. Internationally famed architect Bruce Goff chose Kebyar as the name for a school of creative arts and architecture he was planning at the time of his death.

The organization’s purposes are to advance creative organic architecture, to bring attention to the works of original artists, and to nurture the spiritual endowment left by the architects that have preceded us who worked so hard to free their art from the indolent idioms of fashion and imbue it with new meaning, integrity, and respect for the natural environment. To that end, Friends of Kebyar publishes a journal documenting the works of many selected architects, sponsors a series of “celebration-gatherings” and symposiums, and now publishes a newsletter which provides a medium for a network colloquy.   This Web Site also has a Directory of Fellow Subscribers with hot links to individual e-mail and Web Site URL.  It is a way to see the work of other subscribers and build community.            Inclusion in the Web Site Directory is now a benefit of Kebyar subscription.

We also send out e-mail news called FOK e News to all subscribers that have an e-mail address.  This is sent out whenever there is something of interest to Friends of Kebyar subscribers and can not wait for the printed news letter. 

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The Biography Project:

We are adding Biography pages to this Online Directory.   See the Robert Alan Bowlby, Biography   as an example.  These pages are for subscribers that do not have a web site of their own.  If you send me your biography and also a photo of yourself and an example of your architecture I will add you to the list.  james*     

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subscribers.  Among the other benefits of subscription is a listing in this Online directory.

These are most of the approximately 300 subscribers to Friends of Kebyar.   Look over the listings and send any correction to me:    James Schildroth james*    editor of the FOK Online Directory. 

Subscriber since: Date first subscribed.







web site URL:

For more information on our print Journal, Network News Letter and other activities click here:  FRIENDS OF KEBYAR.

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T. Mark Abram       Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 11/9/2002

705 W. Eufaula

Norman, OK  73069 U.S.A.

(405) 360-2069



Jim Adamson      Subscriber since: 2007 esp: 4/2/2009
18450 SW 212th
Miami, Fl. 33187
ph. 305.238.7021


Anders Adelfang, President           Subscriber since: 1999 exp date 9/10/2013

ARC Design-Build, Inc.

Huntsville, AL 35801

Office: (256) 536-0010

for contact go to the web site below:


Howard Alan, Architect     Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 9/19/2011

849 Armitage Av.

Chicago, IL 60614-4328 U.S.A.

(773) 929-2121

FAX: (773) 929-2122



Tatyana Albinder   Subscriber since 2003  exp: 7/5/2004

Student: Academy of Art College in San Francisco, interior architecture and design

1930 Taraval St. #7

San Francisco, CA 94116 U.S.A.





John Aldridge      Subscriber since: 2002  exp: 10/18/2003

26131 Sunnyglen Ave.

Laguna Hills, CA 92653-6299

(949) 362-5518




Kamal Amin  Subscriber since: 1990   exp date:  9/12/2002

P.O. Box 4087

Scottsdale, AZ  85261

(602) 837-9556



LeRoy F. Anderson   Subscriber since: 2002   expiration date: 9/22/2012

1315 Rowell Ave.

Apt. 1711 Joliet, Illinois 60433

(815) 726-2991

no e-mail


Victor Andersen Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 11/19/08
7702 E. Gray Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
ph. 602.989.7927
Email: trianglesystemsaz*


Helena Arahuete, Architect          Subscriber since: 1998  exp date 1/16/2013


8055 W. Manchester Ave. suite 630

Playa del Rey CA 90293 U.S.A.

(310) 577-7783

FAX: (310) 577-7793



Born in Belgium and brought up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Helena Arahuete graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and obtained her argentine architectural license. She worked her way through University in several architectural, engineering and construction firms. 

She came to the United States and began work with John Lautner in November 1971 on the Arango Residence in Acapulco. She was the Project Architect of numerous projects, the Chief Architect in John Lautner’s office for over 20 years and his Associate Architect at the time of his passing in 1994. The projects she did in association with Mr. Lautner were extensively published in architectural books and magazines.

She has been a Licensed Architect in the State of California since 1980 and was certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) in 1992. She became a Licensed Architect in the States of Idaho in 1995 and Michigan in 1996.

She continues John Lautner’s firm and ongoing projects as principal of LAUTNER ASSOCIATES-HELENA ARAHUETE ARCHITECT. Her recent and current projects are located in the States of California, Idaho, Michigan, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska. They were published in Global Architecture Houses-Projects 1997, in several Waterworks magazines and in the Architectural Record of November 2001.

She has been invited regularly to give lectures, slide shows, and to participate in panels by Taliesin Fellows, the University of Southern California, the American Institute of Architects of El Paso, Texas and of Long Beach, California, the New School of Architecture in San Diego, UCLA Architectural Extension, The Museum of Architecture in San Juan Capistrano, the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, the Santa Monica, Mount San Antonio and Glendale Colleges, and other institutions. She received an International Design Award in Lyon, France, for the use of water features in Architecture in November 2000 and the 2003 Architectural Award from the American Concrete Institute for the Roscoe Residence in Northern California.


Heriberto E. Aranda   Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 7/9/2007

437 Hemingway Lane

Roswell, GA 30075-7001



Arizona State University Periodicals   exp: 12/31/2013

Arizona State University, Library Periodicals

P.O. Box 871006, Tempe, AZ 85287-1006


Marvin Armstrong       Subscriber since: 2001 exp date: 5/21/2011

Marvin Armstrong, Architect     

A Professional Corporation

1640 W. Shaw, Suite 102

Fresno CA 93711

T. 559-229-9950

F. 559-229-9662



Ryerson & Burnham Libraries          Subscriber since: 1990 exp: 12/31/2013

Art Institute of Chicago, Serials Dept.

111 South Michigan Chicago, IL 60603-6110

Very large collection of Bruce Goff drawings and paintings.


Auburn University         Exp: 12/31/2013

R.R. Draughon Library, Serials Department

231 Mell St.

Auburn University

Auburn, AL


Avery Architectural Library    Exp: 12/31/2013

Columbia University

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Steve Badanes          Subscriber since: 1986     exp: 9/29/2013

Jersey Devil + University of Washington

Box 355720 UW Arch.

Seattle, WA 98195-5720 U.S.A.

B (206) 543-7144


"For twenty-five years the members of Jersey Devil have been constructing their own designs while living on site in tents or Airstream trailers, and making adjustments to their structures in response to problems encountered during the building process.

Jersey Devil is a name that has been attached to work by Steve Badanes, John Ringel, Jim Adamson, or any combination of the above, plus other people who have participated in their diverse projects. This loose-knit group of designer-builders has created projects that critique conventional practice, both the process of making architecture and the accepted definitions of architecture itself.

Jersey Devil's architecture shows a concern for craft and detail, an attention to the expressiveness of the construction materials, and a strong environmental consciousness."

All the members of Jersey Devil teach at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School  in Warren, Vermont and Steve Badanes directs the Neighborhood Design/Build Studio at the University of Washington in Seattle.


Rick Bagwell see  Lechtenberger


Warren Bailey   Subscriber since 2010 exp 9/13/2011
NAI Global, VP corporate Technology
4 Independence Way, Suite 400
Princeton, NJ 08450.


Sindhu Balakrishnan Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 6/15/2008
388 Beale St. Apt. 1405
San Francisco CA 94105-4422
email : sinumenon*


Kates Banks                   Subscriber since: 2003    Expiration date: 4/28/2004

370 Bewleys Chapel Road

Midway, TN 37809


Lois Lucking (Lucky) Barnes       Subscriber since: 1983

Deceased:  2002

Friends of Kebyar Board of directors 2001-02

Taliesin apprentice in the 1950’s and attended University of Oklahoma under the Chairman Ship of Bruce Goff and a life long supporter of the cause of Organic Architecture.


Bruce Barrett  

Bruce Barrett, deceased
Long time supporter of the cause of Organic Architecture and Friends of Kebyar since 2002.
Bruce Barrett built a house designed by Art Dyson, Architect and located at:
824 Wright Way
Richland Center, Wisconsin
The house is now owned by William Green

See the web site of Dyson


Michael Barsocchini, AIA          Subscriber since: 1992  exp: 6/7/2014

3502 Coast View Drive

Malibu, CA 90265 U.S.A.

(310) 456-3625

FAX: (310) 456-7175



Scott Beatty,    Subscriber since: 2009 One year to 6/1/2011.

1301 Old Pine Ct. 
Annapolis, MD 21409-5405


William E. Beazley     Subscriber since: 2000   exp:   Expiration date:  1/20/2001

William Beazley Architect & Assoc.

1935 Cliff Valley Way, Ste 202

Atlanta, GA 30329

B 404.633.6112

H 404.451.2645

F 404.633.6112


Andy Beck               Subscriber since: 1994 exp: 5/21/2005

324 Park Circle

Golden, CO 80401-9440

(303) 969-2381


10/14/2003  My roots in Kebyar go back farther than 2000.  Les Wallach, of Line and Space Architecture in Tucson, introduced me to Friends Of Kebyar in 1994 when he showed me a copy of the Bart Prince Anniversary issue.   At the same time I met the Jones brothers in Phoenix.  I loved Eddie's work the first time I looked at it.  They, too, had the magazine.  Later, Les Wallach sent me the "Continuous Architecture" issue.  I looked that over and thought, "These guys think about architecture the same way I do."  That is when I subscribed.  Although I am a graduate of Texas A&M University, rather than an Oklahoma man, I'm not much for school rivalries.  I do like architecture that advances our art and I don't care who does it.  My own work is quite bit more earthy than Eddie Jones or Bart Prince, but not because I do not like what they do.  I simply work under different constraints.  For example, I once met Bart Prince and asked him how one of his designs would drain water.  He said he didn't care, that he only intended it to last for 20 years anyway.  OK, fair enough, but I design for a much longer time frame.

I hope that helps you understand me a bit more.  I teach classes on architecture occasionally, perhaps if you are ever in the area, we can get together and I'll do a program or two for you.  One of those will tell you even more.                Andy Beck, Architect


Robert Bell        Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 11/2002

6115 Joseph Drive

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 524-9187



Marti Benedict Subscriber since: 2007 Exp: 7/18/08
1619 Clark St.
Fayetteville. AR 72701
Ph. 800.345.1199
Email: marti*


Joanne Riney Bennett      Subscriber since: 2002 Expiration date:  11/4/2011

2841 Silver Lake Road

Bartlesville OK 74006-7338

(918) 333-1482


Robert Alan Bernstein    Subscriber since: 1995 exp date 5/17/2009
1030 EL Monte Ave.  Apt. 9    

Mountain View, CA 94040-2350


Jane Besley          Subscriber since: 2001   exp: 1/12/2002

640 W. Waveland #4C

Chicago,IL 60613

(773) 248-2708 



Ralph M. Beuc                        Subscriber since:  1993    exp: 9/16/2011

3520 - D Parkmoor Village Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80917-5256

R   (719) 638-8780


Many architecture photos of Burce Goff, Frank Lloyd Wright and others.


Angela Bigotti       Subscriber since: 2006 expires 1/15/2007

300 South Wells Ave. Suite 1

Reno, NV 89502


Terry Bird            Subscriber since: 2006 epx: 11/11/2011
735 Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-5241



Marion Blackwell Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 4/2/2008
217 E. Dickson St. Ste 104
Fayetteville AR 72701-4629
ph. 479.973.9121
Email: marlon*


Michael L. Boe, Architect       Subscriber since: 1994 exp: 5/2/2008

The Boe Studio

19 Tioga Street

Torrington, CT 06790 U.S.A.

(860) 489-3771

FAX: (860) 482-5319



Todd Bogatay            Subscriber since:2001 Expiration date:  7/14/2002

Bogatay Architects

P.O. Box Z

Bisbee, AZ 85603-0079

(602) 432-2397


FAX (602) 432-1220


Jerri Hodges Bonebrake         Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 1/24/2015

Kebyar Board of Directors

9708  Lakeshore  Drive

Oklahoma  City OK 73120 U.S.A.

(405) 755-1458




Carl & Elaine Book            Subscriber since:2001  Expiration date:  6/1/2002

2204 Windsor Court

Santa Rosa, CA 95409-3024

(707) 538.0358


Robert Alan Bowlby, Architect          Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 5/27/2015

Chief Financial Officer Kebyar Board of Directors

3500 East Seventh Avenue Parkway

Denver, CO 80206-4002 U.S.A.               


FAX: (303) 399-0131


Robert Alan Bowlby, Biography


Andrew Boyne             Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 1/31/2014

Student: Curtin University in Perth

312/45 Adelaide Tce

East Perth, Western Australia 6009



Nelson Brackin, Architect                     Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 2/8/2013

President, Friends of Kebyar Board of Directors

PO Box 550904

Atlanta, GA 30355 

Friends of Kebyar number: (404) 358-3241



Ron & Caroline Bradshaw   Subscriber since: 1983   exp:  7/27/2013

P.O. Box 813  

Burnet, TX 78611  

ph. 512.7656.7571


Yannick Pigios -Braunschweig           Subscriber since: 2001  exp:  2/21/2002

P.O. Box 824

Forest Knolls CA 94933 U.S.A.

(415) 488-1426



Robert C. Broward, Architect                 Subscriber since: 1983 exp; 10/19/2013

1235 Mayfair Rd.,
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 398-7339

e-mail: myrticecraig*


Michael C. Brown, Architect               Subscriber since: 1985 exp: 6/2/2015

Kebyar Board of Directors since 2003

Friends of Kebyar Subscriptions Manager since 2002


713 Opie Street
Staunton, VA 24401

(540) 885-3809


Michael C. Brown / Architect

11 East Beverley Street, Suite 5

Staunton, VA 24401 U.S.A.

(540) 851-0121

FAX: (540) 851-0121



Jeffrey Browning Subscriber since: 2009 exp:10/30/2012
760 West 27th Street Apt 2
San Pedro, CA 90731
Email: j.browning10*


Robert Bruner                 Subscriber since: 2003 expiration date 12/21/07

520 48th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35222

(205) 999-5647




Robert Bruno                 Subscriber since: 2003  exp: 10/27/2004

1 Cottonwood Ln.

Ransom Canyon, Tx. 79366

(806) 829-2606

robertbruno10*     See finished house at web site the original design was featured in Friends of  Kebyar Journal issue 1983 issue # 1.9.


David Bullock             Subscriber since: 2000 Expiration date:  1/31/2001

PMB #155 5020-D Baltimore Dr.

La Mesa CA 91941


Ernest Burden          Subscriber since:  1983 exp: 2000

AECadvisors, Inc.

37 East 19 St.

New York NY 10003 USA

(212) 529-1630

FAX: (212) 529-1672



Mary Ann Burdett    Subscriber since: 2004 exp:  6/17/2007

1321 Brookside

Norman, OK 73072-6348

(405) 801-2037



Lance Burguiere Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 1/5/2008
2126 Kurt Ct.
Apopka, FL 32703


Susan Burian, Subscriber since: 2010 One year to 4/19/2011
60 East Monroe #2402,
Chicago, IL 60603
Email: buriansusan*


David Butts, Architect          Subscriber since: 1983

Deceased, September 2003

Long time supporter of the cause of Organic Architecture and Friends of Kebyar.   

Bristol, CT


Alan Byrum    Subscriber since: 2007 Exp: 4/16/08
1605 Riverside Drive,
Prospect, KY 40059.

To avoid the SPAM all of the fellows e-mail addressed will be listed with '*' in the place of the @ symbol.  So you must replace the * with the @ when you use these address.    Let's see if this cuts down on the amount of SPAM we are all getting.  


Peter Calandruccio     Subscriber since: 2006  exp: 11/18/07
P.O. Box 393
Creede, CO 81130



This is my studio that I have just completed on the back of my property here in the mountains of Colorado.  I am no longer "practicing", as it were, but am building things as I want somewhat speculatively I guess (with some good success).  Anyway, the studio is small with an upper sleeping loft built of old t.v. satelite dishes (accessed via the conical skylite up an interior removable rope ladder).   Peter Calandruccio


Mack Caldwell       Subscriber since:  2001 Expiration date: 11/7/2002

OU College of Architecture

830 Van Vleet Oval  Rm. 162

Norman, OK 73019-6141


Susan Caldwell      Subscriber since: 2010 Expires: 10/20/2011
1210 Woodland Drive
Norman, OK 73072


Cal Poly Pomona University, Library/Per, Subscriber since: 2013 Expires: 3/11/2014
3801 W. Temple Ave.,
Pomona, CA 91760


Canadian Centre for Architecture, Library

Subscriber since:  2000  Expiration date: 12/31/2014
1920 Baile Street
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H3H 2S6
Tel.: (514) 939-7000
Fax : (514) 939-7020
E-mail: ref*


John David Canney   Subscriber since: 2004 exp: 4/28/2008

P.O. Box 102394

Denver, CO

(303) 257-8776



Mary Carver Subscriber since: 2010 Expires: 10/17/2011
5553 Masters Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819-4021
ph. 407.876.6721


Anne Champagne Subscriber since 2004 exp: 5/1/2005
Ryerson & Burnham Libraries
Art Institute of Chicago
111 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603
tel. 312-857-7108
fax 312-443-0105

The Bruce Goff archives are located at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Meldrena K. Chapin             Subscriber since:  1999 exp: 11/19/2003

PhD Program in Architecture, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

1869 Robinhill Court

Tucker GA 30084




David Chavez      Subscriber since: 2001    exp: 6/7/2002

Studio a/d

11765 Eagle Peak Dr

Sparks, NV 89436-6288

(775) 425-1166


Giuliano Chelazzi   Subscriber since: 2005 exp: 7/11/2011

Via dei Leccetti 11/D

56048 Volterra




Cathy Clark               Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 7/1/2013

920 Rockledge Road

Lawrence, KS 66049-2634

R    (785) 749-4948



Daniel Clavin      Subscriber since: 2001 Expiration date: 10/20/2004

609 Alta Dr

Beverly Hills CA 90210

(707) 443-2272


Steve Clicque          Subscriber since: 2005  Expiration date:   9/9/2007

6025 Reiger Ave.

Dallas, TX 75214


Marie Cloud            Subscriber since: 2001   Expiration date: 9/26/2013

2413 S. Berry Road

Norman OK 73072

(405) 364-0797



Bette Jane Cohen   Subscriber since: 2/14/2012 Exp: 2/14/2013.
c/o Aluminum Films & B.E.E. Productions
7694 Woodrow Wilson Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90046-1252
Email address: bette*

Bette Jane produced and directed the film*  John Lautner :The Spirit of Architecture.  Check out the website
*She actually shot the film over 10 years ago while Lautner was still alive - on the website see "The making of the Spirit of Architecture".


Alberto Comas, Architect  Subscriber since: 1/28/2007 exp: 2/18/2017
516 S. E. 10th Street

Ocala, FL 34471
ph. 954.647.5085
Email: ajcomas*

A few words about myself, I have known and worked with Dan Duckham for 10 years. I have admired Friends of Kebyar for as long as I have known Dan who introduced me to the publications. I am a practicing architect in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
As is Dan,  I have been a devoted advocate of organic and intuitive architecture. I now live and work in Dan's original house and studio in Fort Lauderdale with my wife and 16 year old daughter. Thank you again and look forward to a long relationship with Friends of Kebyar. If you find yourself in the Ft. Lauderdale area do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Alberto J. Comas Architect


Jeffrey Ross Cook, Architect    Subscriber since: 1983

1934-2003 Deceased

Friends of Kebyar Advisory Board

Jeffrey Ross Cook Biography


Gary Cooper              Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 7/10/2003

2015 East 21st

Ada, OK 74820

R    (580) 332-2733



Cornell University Library   exp: 12/31/2013

B60 Mann Library, Ithaca NY 14853


Christopher Corrigan     Subscriber since: 2005 exp: 8/6/2006

10944 73rd Ave.

Edmonton, AB TGGOC2 Canada

(780) 434-9941


I am 22 years old and a non-architect. I am strongly considering a formal education in architecture however.

Early in life, I developed a drawing hand which was readily encouraged by my parents. Both are committed landscape painters, and have careers in the arts. Since going to one year of art school, where sculpture was my favorite endeavour, the concept of 3-dimensions became a constant interest. I began to read about famous modern architects, like I.M. Pei, Eero Saarinen, and Le Corbusier. My hometown of Edmonton is not known for its world-class architecture. Nonetheless, I discovered some similarities between the amazing strucures I have read about and certain places in the city.

I found the Kebyar website quite by chance, and found it wonderful that professionals are following in the worthwhile footsteps of off-centre designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.  ~Christopher Corrigan 8/10/2005

Peter Cresswell, Architect         Subscriber since 2006 exp: 8/30/2013
PO Box 108054 Symonds St,
Auckland 1003 New Zealand
phone and fax: 649.631.0034


Andrew Crocker                    Subscriber since: 2001 exp:1/25/2002

2550 28th Avenue

San Francisco CA 94116


To avoid the SPAM all of the fellows e-mail addressed will be listed with '*' in the place of the @ symbol.  So you must replace the * with the @ when you use these address.    Let's see if this cuts down on the amount of SPAM we are all getting.  


Cheryl Davis  Subscriber since: 2001 exp:12/31/2002

Swets Blackwell Inc

440 Creamery Way

Exton, PA 19341 U.S.A.



Nick Davis    Subscriber since: 2006 exp: t/9/2008

2506 Waterford Road

Auburn, Alabama 36830

no phone

no e-mail


Elizabeth Al-Hazzam Dawsari, M.L.S. Director   Subscriber since:  1990 exp: 5/26/2011

Willam Wesley Peters Library, Taliesin West

P.O. Box 4430

Scottsdale, Arizona 85261-4430 U.S.A.

(480) 860-2700  exr. 556

FAX: (480) 860-8472



Rogrigo Velazquez de Leon Subscriber since 2010 Expires: 10/4/2011

2906 Kentucky Oaks

San Antonio, TX 78259


David G. De Long          Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 7/30/2011

Author of book on Bruce Goff:   Toward Absolute Architecture

409 S. Croskey St.

Philadelphia, PA 19146

R    (215) 546-2111

B    (215) 280-5210



Deakin University    Subscriber since:      exp: 12/31/2013

Waterfront Campus Library. 319336

Deakin University

Geelong, VIC 3217, Australia


Kenneth J. Diener          Subscriber since: 1990 exp: 1/16/2004


536 S. E. 17th Avenue

Portland, OR 97214 U.S.A.

B   (503) 233-8949

R   (503) 231-2884

Fax: (503) 231-9521



Eugene H. Diggs                     Subscriber Since: 1989   exp: 8/15/2012

1855 West Avon Road

Rochester Hills, MI 48309-2561 U.S.A.

R  (248) 651-4527



Fred & Linda Dixson     Subscriber since: 2002   Exp: 12/23/2011

P.O. Box 184

Fort Collins,CO 80522

B (970) 484-5210

(970) 407-5238



E. P. Dobson              Subscriber since: 1983  exp:   9/20/2004

14323 W. Via Montoya,

Sun City West, AZ 85375-2873 U.S.A.





Thomas Dolan    Subscriber since: 2010 One year to 10/21/2011
4300 34th Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45209
ph: 513.313.0806
Email: dolantb*


Deborah Donner            Subscriber since: 2005 exp: 2/4/2014

Denver, CO


Norman Wayne Douglas    Subscriber since: 2000   exp: 12/12/2011

Architect/Engineer/Interior Designer

1210 Colonial Court

Arlington, Texas 76013 U.S.A.

(817) 461-3257

FAX: (817) 861-0062



Victoria S. Douglass, Ph.D., A.I.A., A.U.A., L.E.E.D., N.C.I.D.Q.
Subscriber since: 1983
University Architect, Valdosta State University
Physical Plant, 2903 N. Ashley St.,

Valdosta, GA 31698
Phone: 229/245-3892
Email: vdouglass*


Christopher Dovey           Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 2/27/2007

242 South 31st St.

Harrisburg, PA 17109-4601

(717) 541-8244



Paul Francis Downton   Subscriber since: 1984 exp:   11/8/2005

Ecopolis Architects Pty Ltd

123 Sturt Street

ADELAIDE SA 5000 Australia

+61 8 8410 9218 ph
+61 8 8410 1233 fax
0411 823 248 mobile



Al Drap   Subscriber since: f2010 One year to 10/24/2012
P.O. Box 3669,
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3669
ph. 479.252.7399
no Email


John Driscoll Subscriber since: 2010 Expires 10/20/2011
1423 SE Marion ST.  

Portland Oregon  97202-7150
Ph. 919.757.2274


Lois Sherr Dubin         Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 9/1/2002

870 United Nations Plaza

New York NY 10017 U.S.A.

(212) 935-2842



Dan C. Duckham     Subscriber since: 1987   exp: 1/31/2015

Dan C. Duckham, Architect

Location of old office:  3197 N.E. 18 th. Terrace

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 U.S.A.

Now living full time in Cashiers, NC

1007 Laurel Knob Road

Cashiers, NC 28717

(828) 743-0988



John D. Duffié, Architect       Subscriber since:  2001 exp:12/31/2002

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Medford, OR 97504

R    (541) 734-2027

FAX:  541.734.4143



Baldeep S. Duggal           Subscriber since: 2006 Exp: 4/7/2007

248 Trillium Ave. Cambridge,

Ontario N3C 1B3 Canada

Work (519) 767-1639

Home (519) 658-4828

Fax (519) 767-6024

Email: pbsg*


Jim Dunlap Subscriber since: 2012 Expires 11/6/2013

10215 Perdue Road

Grain Valley, MO 64029


Arthur Dyson, Architect          Subscriber since: 1983

Dean, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture 1999-2002

764 P. Street, Suite 22

Fresno, California 93721-2744  U.S.A.

(559) 486-3582

FAX: (559) 486-3584



Jean & Ed Eckenfels    Subscriber since: 1986 exp: 6/28/2007

Jean was FOK Network News Editor until 2000

FOK Board of Directors until 2001

5344 South Hyde Park Boulevard

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Thomas M. Edwards        Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 7/9/2007

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Howard W. Ellington    Subscriber since: 2012 Expires: 8/30/2013
1301 Perth
Wichita, KS 67208
ph. 316.682.3671
Email hwellington1*

Mr. Ellington is a restoration Architect and is a co-founding trustee of FLLW's Allen-Lambe House Museum & Study Center Foundation as well as executive Director.

Rand L. Elliott, Architect, Since 2008 Exp: 12/20/2009
35 Harrison Avenue,
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
web site:


Glen Etzkorn   Subscriber since: 2000   exp:   6/16/2002

2375 Wing Hill Road

Cobden,IL 62920 U.S.A.

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"Duncan/Etzkorn - Goff Castle".


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John Robert Facko      Subscriber since: 2005    exp: 12/26/2007

17543 70th Ct.

Tinley Park, IL 60477

(708) 429-6426



John Robert Facko (brush name John Robert Beck)  See his web site above for a view of his art.


Aron Faegre      Subscriber since: 2000 exp: 6/26/2013

520 S.W. Yamhill

Portland, OR 97204-1335

(503) 222.2546


Andrew Faust, Architect        Subscriber since: 1999   exp: 8/31/2012

50 Woodland Way
Piedmont, CA 94611

Cell: (415) 596-6158



Studio 101 Designs
San Rafael CA


Robert L. (Bob) Faust, Architect       Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 11/25/2010

400 Martin Avenue

Auburn, Alabama 36830 U.S.A. 

(334) 887-9611

FAX: (334) 887-9060 



Phillip R. Felix Subscriber since 2007 exp: 10/6/08
600 E. Ocean Blvd. Suite 1602
Long Beach, CA 90802
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Harvey Ferrero, Architect    Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 12/28/2013

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Erik Flesch Subscriber since: 2012 Exp: 11/19/2013
P.O. Box 4430
Scottsdale AR 85261
Email: flesch*
Student at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture


Ana (Vitor) Forte  Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 12/31/2013
Casa do Pendulo, Casais da Abogaria,

Louisa, 2670-742 LOURES, Portugal


Vitor Ruivo Forte, Architect   Subscriber since: 2001   Deceased 2006

Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros, PORTUGAL    Deceased 2006

Vitor's fine architectural work is featured in the Friends of Kebyar

Journal Volume 21-Issue Number 70-2003 See the  Friends of Kebyar web site Journal Index.

Burial Service Mas, July 12, 2006, at 2 P.M.: Igiesio Parokuial de Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros, avenuda Francisco

Pinto Pachaco, 2670 LOURES, Portugal

Burial at Crematorium, Juiy 13, 2006 at 10 A.M.

Ana FORTE present address: Résidence Alves Redol n° 4 —10°C, Cidade Nova. Santo Antonio dos Cavaieiros

2670 LOURES (Lisboa), Portugal. FAX: 00351.219.880911

Vitor had an accident this past Monday, the 10th of July, falling from the roof of his own wonderful house that he was about to complete. They were to move in soon, in August, he and his wife Ana. Upon hearing the news I immediately called her up. “Ana? Jacques Gillet calling.”  She burst into tears and so did I; an unforgettable moment as we wept together. Emotion was overwhelming us. “He was speaking of you everyday, everyday, everyday”, she said at last. An autopsy has been done which determined that he died from the shock of the fall. I believe he must have had a cardiovascular attack that caused him to fall, for there were workman on the spot who didn’t hear a cry as one would have expected.

To tell you more of Vitor Ruivo Forte, a truly great architect within the Organic Architectural Movement, I refer you to my introduction to the beautiful FOK Journal Vol. 21, issue number #70, 2003 “THE ART AND ARCHITECTURE 0F VITOR RUIVO FORTE” that I was honored to have the opportunity to have included.

I have to tell you again he was one of my three best students and most faithful. He would calI me every Christmas night these past twenty five years. And he came back to Liège to visit Lucienne and me and other friends as often he could. This past January he returned for the Organic Architecture Exhibition organized together by Pieter van der Rees from Utrecht, Holland, and the Lambert Lombard Institute of Architecture. He came again this past May to celebrate his 50th birthday and was at home with us with the latest photos of his splendid house near Lisbon.  Jacques Gillet


James H. Fox            Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 12/31/2013

James Howard Fox, Architect

James & Carol Fox   
P. O. Box 382
Highlands, NC  28741 
Fax # 828 526 3993
winter address 11450NW 109 Ct. Chiefland, FL 32626 
Cell phone 828 200 0220 

   Jim Fox sketch.jpg (63392 bytes)

Jim Fox, Architect


Cheryl Francis, Subscriber since: 2010 One year to 4/19/2011
1410 Vines  Road  Beechwood Cottage,
Cobden, IL 62920


Chayo Frank    Suscriber since: 1998 exp: 8/8/2011

4895 N. Kendall Dr.

Miami, FL. 33156 U.S.A

(305) 665-4369

FAX: (305) 665-4369

chayofrank*  New web site.

wpe3.jpg (24723 bytes) The Amertec Building by Chayo Frank click on his web site above to see more images.


Eric Corey Freed, Architect      Subscriber since: 1993  exp: 7/20/2012


73335 Desert Rose Drive
Palm Desert, California 92260-6072 USA
Earth: 33° 42' 13.52”N, -116° 23' 6.87”W

(415) 474-7777

Email: info*


594 Lombard Street
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Ada Lee Fretland   Subscriber and supporter of the cause since: 1993
9779 Hickory Lane
Bentonville, AR 72712


Jeffery W. Frost             Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 1/14/2004

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Chandler, AZ 85226-1463

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R   (480) 446-0334


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Jim Gallagher                  Subscriber since: 2001  exp:  12/22/2002
966 Dolores St., #5
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel. (415) 830-1744


Joseph G. Garcia             Subscriber since: 2002 exp:   1/15/2003

569 East I Street

Benicia, CA 94510

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FAX:   (707) 747-5157



James Gardner, Architect Subscriber since: 2011 Expires:   2/28/2012
63 Country Club Village
Pueblo, CO 81008
No e-mail:


Julia Gee                          Subscriber since: 2001  exp:  3/15/2019

323 Tynebrook Lane

Houston, TX 77024

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Sam George new subscriber: 6/24/2008 exp: 6/24/2008
Organization: Student at the University of New Mexico

Address: 3720 Chelwood Dr.
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Phone: 505-294-8593
e-mail: earth*
web site URL:


Jim Gerlach                       Subscriber since: 2001  exp:  12/31/2002


James Biagio Gilbreath  Subscriber since: 2003  exp:  12/31/2007

13892 Calle Nobleza

Vail AZ 85611

(520) 907-4396


Jacques & Lucienne Gillet    Subscriber since: 1983 exp:  11/9/2013

Friends of Kebyar Advisory board since 1983

Jacque Gillet, Architect, Professor retired, Liege, Belgium.

quai des Ardennes, 157/81

Liege 4032 BELGIUM

R 011-32-41-526252

FOKLiege_1984.jpg (544096 bytes)

1984 photo of Friends of Kebyar in Liege, Belgium taken by Jacques Gillet.  Left to right Jacques brother, sister-in-law, Lucienne Gillet, Carolyn & Jack Golden, Robert & Toby Bowlby.  

This photo taken in front of a house designed by Jacques for his brother.


J. & Allene Glass                Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 7/9/2002

P.O. Box 334

McQueeney,TX 78123-0334

(830) 560-1799


Andrew Glicksberg        Subscriber since:/2004 exp: 2/26/2005

1907 W. Wilson Apt. 3A

Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 771-7856

A brief synopsis of myself:  I am a recent graduate with a Masters in Architecture from IIT, and working for a small residential firm.   Early in my studies I realized that I have a natural tendency in design of fluidness and favoring organic organization to rational.  I consider organic architecture pure and timeless, but also on the outskirts of the design profession that admires "high design" reflecting the trends and styles of the time.   Organic architecture looks to loftier ideals, and seeks to inspire, as well as bring us closer to nature. 

I joined Kebyar because it is a forum for the small community of organic architects, and looks to be a wonderful resource for discovering architects who believe in the same ideals that I do.   I think it is telling that I was walking through Graceland cemetary near my home in Chicago with a friend and fellow architect.  We stopped at Mies Van der Rohe's tombstone, and just a few feet away is Bruce Goff's tombstone, to my chargrin, my friend had never heard of him!

Sincerely, Andrew


William Goolsby                 Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 12/31/2005

12232 Oakmont Circle,

Knoxville, TN 37934

(865) 671-2917

Fax (865) 671-3924



Founder of Friends of Kebyar, January 1983

Jack Golden, Architect      Deceased 2000

Carolyn Golden 1940- Deceased 2002


Donald P. Grant                  Subscriber since:  1983 exp:  5/29/2011 


P.O. Box Five

San Luis Obispo, CA 93406-0005



Larry Wayne Grantham, Architect      Subscriber since: 1983


Friends of Kebyar Board member

Editor of the FOK Network News 2000 to 2002


Kathie Grasser, President                 Subscriber since: 2002  exp: 10/24/2012

The Glen Consulting Group

300 Tijeras Ave. NE #315,
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4489

My phone in NM is 505-508-1520



Ben (Ross) Graves     Subscriber since: 2002    exp: 6/24/2007

Ross Graves Architect/Planner

7538 S. Webster Court

Littleton, CO 80128 U.S.A.

(303) 904-4056

FAX: Same


6/21/2002  I graduated in University of Oklahoma 1952 and have fond memories of the North Campus-activities, music listening evenings (music at full blast) conversations and classes under Mr. Goff and Mendel Glickman, Joe Wyeth, etal, putting the traveling exhibit together of student work. I don't see any of the Japanese students, who were with me at that time, on the list.

Thanks again Ben (Ross) Graves


Edward Hammond Green        Subscriber since:  2000  exp: 11/1/2012


417 Anteelah Trl.
Knoxville, TN 37919-6675

(865) 584-7988

FAX: (865) 584-7613



Robert Green - Architect - AIA        Subscriber since: 1999

Deceased 2003

Atlanta, GA U.S.A

Bob_Green_Smith_house_smith_exterior_2.jpg (352765 bytes)   

The Smith House, Robert Green - Architect


Herb Greene    Subscriber since 1983  exp:  11/12/2012

1218 Queens Road

Berkeley, CA 94708

(510) 665 9651


Prairie House:  Norman, Oklahoma, 1960-61  See web site link for more architecture.


Tim Gregg    Subscriber since: 2010 exp: 1/12/2011
(Turn-key Videoworks)
2437 Bay Area Blvd. #271
Houston, TX 77059
PH. 281.218.8589
Fax: 281.480.1034
Email: tgregg*


Norman Harriss Grider         Subscriber Since: 2001 exp:  10/7/2002

3401 Prince George Drive

Montgomery, AL 36109-1525

B  (800) 306-2672

H  (334) 272-2405

David Griffith           Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 1/16/2007

4661 E. Dartmouth Ln.

Hernando, Fl. 34442



Steven Grundtner               Subscriber Since: 2003  exp: 1/27/2004

1213 Lipan St.

Denver CO 80204


Sam Guard                       Subscriber Since: 2001 exp: 5/6/2007

5321 South Woodlawn Avenue

Chicago, IL 60615


Paul J. Gutman Library, Philadelphia University  exp: 12/31/2013

4201 Henry Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19144-5409


Lawrence Grown             Subscriber since: 1998 exp: 2000

Metro Lighting & Crafts 

2121 San Palbo Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94702 USA





David Gustafson   Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 2/28/2011

2317 E. 34th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55406-2414


Grant Gustafson, Architect       Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 3/24/2012

4139 SW Orchard St.

Seattle, WA  98136 U.S.A.

(206) 223-5031(work)

FAX: (206) 621-2300



Paul Gutman Library, Subscriber since 2000 exp: 12/31/2011
Philadelphia University
Philadelphia, PA


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Loxi Struckus Hagthrop     Subscriber since:  exp:  12/31/2013

P.O. Box 911150

St. George, Utah 84791

(435) 628-6059



Varouj  Hairabedian AIA  Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 9/21/2009

Hairabedian A R G  Architect

241  Sam Grange Court

Carbondale, CO 81623 U.S.A.

(970) 963-1411

FAX: (970) 963-6350


A R G  Architects WebSite


Wallace Hamilton Subscriber since: 2013 Expires: 2/27/2014
P.O. Box 186
Hamlin, NY 14464
Email: WallaceHamilton*


Jeffrey Albert Hammond           Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 12/31/2002

609 Phillips Avenue

Clawson, MI 48017-1586

(810) 435-8029


George & Shirley Hann             Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 6/28/2009

329 G Street, S.W.

Ardmore,OK 73401

(580) 223-4040

(580) 223-7897


Universitaetsbibliothek Hannover   exp: 12/31/2013

Hannover University Library (Germany)

TIB und Universitaetsbibliothek Hannover,


Welfengarten 1B, 30167 HANNOVER Germany


Carroll Hansen  Subscriber since: 2004 exp: 12/17/2011

6210 Janice Way

Arvada, CO 80004

(303) 423-9174



Ed  and Susan Hansen   Subscriber since 1983 exp: 11/4/2012

One West Lloyd Street

Pensacola, FL 32501-2635

850-390-1250- telephone

904-621-9191- fax

E-mail:  sunbelt*


Daryl Hansen         Subscriber since 1996  exp: 10/7/2004

Daryl Hansen, Architects

3841 Thomas Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410–1233 U.S.A.

(612) 920-6232 (studio/residence)


Website -

In addition to mostly residential architecture, I also am involved in art work and custom rug designs that are hand knotted in Nepal, which can be viewed on my web site. Most of my expressive architectural work, I call conceptual - with no matching client. I have used the rugs and art as another outlet for expression.     Daryl Hansen


Stephen Hanson Subscriber since: 2005 exp: 9/24/2011

P.O. Box 532

Lilydale, Victoria 3140, Australia



Lawrence D. Harris, Architect         Subscriber since: 1992  exp:12/31/2009

2055 West Main

Houston, TX 77098-3415 U.S.A.

R/W (713) 522-4891

Fax: same as voice


Fareed Hassen                  Subscriber since: 2002  exp: 1/5/2003


108 South Swenson

Stanford, TX 79553

(915) 773-3292


Dean Hatjioannou, Architect Subscriber since 2009 Exp: 9/4/2012
4800 Eddystone Drive
Charlotte, NC 28270-1603
ph. 704.321.2394
fax 704.321.2395
Email dean*


Phil Hawes     Subscriber since: 2008, 1 year to 6/23/09
3421 E. Elicia ST.
Tucson AZ 85716-3224



Michael C. Hawker, Architect    Subscriber since:  2001 exp: 8/22/2012

November 2004 Michael joined the editorial staff at Friends of Kebyar.

September 2006 Kebyar Board of Directors

Zoetic Architecture & Design, LLC

1475 Sandpiper Way, Unit 353

Salt Lake City, UT  84117-6850
Cell: 314-713-5034


I started Zoetic Architecture & Design in St. Louis, Missouri, in mid-2003. After 12 years with other firms, it was time for me to "ignite my own fire" and realize my own aspirations. My previous education and experience prepared me well, including tenures with the Taliesin Fellowship (1994) and the office of Gunnar Birkerts (1996-97). My other firm experience ranged from a two-person firm to a 200-person firm, and included a full breadth of architectural, interior design, and construction management activities. I have also done quite a bit of physical construction, which has been a good learning experience.

Since its establishment, Zoetic Architecture & Design has earned a strong foothold towards success "in the cause of Organic Architecture": consistently attracting new commissions, completing several projects, and launching a smart business management plan. More importantly, I'm pursuing my goal of practicing organic architecture. My firm is the only St. Louis (possibly all of Missouri) firm oriented towards Organic Architecture (I'm trying to pick up where William Bernoudy left off). In a city dominated by the builders and real estate companies such as St. Louis, my ambitions are tall with a long road ahead.

It would be wonderful to connect with other organic architects in the world so do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael C. Hawker


Bruce Hawtin, Architect              Subscriber since: 1990 exp: 7/8/2013

Hawtin Jorgensen Architects

P.O. Box 1682

265 East Kelly Street

Jackson Wy 83001 U.S.A.

(307) 733-4364

FAX: (307) 733-4365



Douglas Hayes                    Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 12/31/2002



Ronald Haynes                  Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 1/27/2004

Urban Innovations Inc

3501 South Drexel Avenue

Tampa, FL 33629-8915 U.S.A.

(813) 831-4618

FAX: (813) 831-4846


2001-10-16 Happy to have found you. I did receive your journal at one time and always enjoyed getting updates on architectural goings on. I'm a former apprentice at Taliesin and moved to Tampa Fl. from Atlanta ten years ago. Surprised to see a Georgia address. Your site is impressive and look forward to reacquainting myself with Kebyar.   Glad your still here. Thank you, Ron Hayne


S. E. Hedrick     Subscriber since: 2003  exp: 3/12/2004

9256 Noland Rd.

Lenexa, KS 66215

FAX: None


Author: "The Falcon Room" see web site:

Set in the 1970s, a Spanish-American architect suppresses his creative organic desires and skills to work for an architectural firm which doesn't seem to realize that the International Style is rattling its last. A Moroccan man who believes in Tomas' inherent genius changes this resignation to courage. They visit Barcelona to see Tomas' beloved Gaudi's spectaculaires. The novel follows Tomas' creation of his home, his first organic achievement. Full of humor, pathos and eccentricities, organic architects to romantics will enjoy this. Available from the author at or from


Richard Helstern        Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 11/14/2001

Richard Helstern, Architect

289 Egret Lake Road

Carbondale, IL 62901 U.S.A.

(618) 549-5780

FAX: (618) 549-8262



Arn Henderson, FAIA     Subscriber since:  1983 exp: 9/1/2014

Professor Emeritus of Architecture

University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture

Norman, OK 73019 U. S. A.

(405) 325-3868


FAX: (405) 325-7558



David & Sharon Henderson        Subscriber since: 1983  exp:  10/5/2003

2304 SW 35th Place Apt. C

Gainesville, FL 32608-7330


Randolph C. Henning, Architect     Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 11/13/2011

6285 Shallowford Road, Suite 130

Lewisville, NC   27023-8801

Office telephone - (336) 946-2445

Cellular telephone - (336) 682-4437

rch*  - website

Author of At Taliesin: Newspaper Columns by Frank Lloyd Wright & the Taliesin Fellowship, 1934-1937 (1992; Southern Illinois University Press, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin: Illustrated by Vintage Postcards (2011; University of Wisconsin Press) and The Architecture of Alfred Browning Parker: Miami’s Maverick Modernist (2011; University Press of Florida) as well as numerous articles on Frank Lloyd Wright, et al.


Craig C. Henry              Subscriber since:   2002 exp: 5/1/2012

64 Denison Court

Granville, Ohio  43023

(614) 292-2156


Frank & Ruth Henry       Subscriber since:  2002 exp: 10/1/2012

8118 East Del Tiburon Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85258-1758

(602) 951-9912

Frank Henry is adjunct professor at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Taliesin West until his death in 2013.


Joseph Henseler         Subscriber since:  2001 expiration date: 4/2/2004

906 W. 21st #2

San Diego, CA 92102

(760) 522-4346


Artist Profile

Joseph Alexander Henseler  was born in Rota Spain in 1971 to a U.S Navy family. The family, his parents and three sisters, settled in Carlisle, Pa. in 1973 in an old farmhouse on six acres. Joseph attended Catholic  grade school during which time his artistic talents first appeared in prize winning drawings which were displayed in the school corridor. He moved on to public high school where he became absorbed in drumming for the marching band, which required a commitment of intense practice and self discipline year round. In his senior year he took his first formal classes in art. His work was recognized by the school's purchase of two of his drawings. Joseph's diversity of interests made it difficult for him to pursue a single path of study, but he chose to explore the possibilities in architecture at Ball State University. It is here that Joseph learned of the wonderful but largely hidden work of Bruce Goff, James Hubbell and FOK.

After graduation the wider world of art continued to becken him. He journeyed westward to California to enter into an apprenticeship with James Hubbell and work in the office of Drew Hubbell.  It is here, in an artistically nurturing environment he honed his skills of creative expression. Joseph's innate thirst for eclectic experience was intensified by travels to Scotland, the Netherlands, Alaska and South America; friendships with people of diverse cultures; performing Brazilian percussion and by extensive reading of philosophical works. He has a deep appreciation of the sacredness of the natural world and a belief that peace and happiness will prosper when people are awakened to the beauty and richness of human diversity and the natural splendors of this world. That philosophy is integral to his work and relationships.  Joseph resides in the culturally and naturally rich environment of San Diego County.


Greg Hill    Subscriber since: 2003 One year to 10/4/2011
P.O. Box 112
Blanchard, OK 73010

Greg if you would send me your e-mail address.    and I will add it here.


Thomas Hillis    Subscriber since 2006: one year to 3/30/07

Student at University of Maine at Augusta, Architecture Program

P.O. Box 53

Wayne, ME 04284

(207) 685-3493



Graham Stephen Hodgson     Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 4/30/2012
Architectural Designer-Draftsman-Futurist

1532 Stockton Lane
Crystal Lake, IL 60014



Clayton R. Hoerauf                  Subscriber since: 2004 exp: 6/28/2009

400 N. Bluemound Dr

Appleton, WI 54914

(920) 378-17872

FAX: (920) 757-9902



Todd Hoff                   Subscriber since:  2001 exp: 1/19/2002


Richard G. Hofmeister, AIA       Subscriber since 2003  exp: 9/4/2011

H O F a r c h i t e c t u r e

1320 Pacific Avenue,

Venice, CA 90291-3608

(310) 695-7664

FAX: (310) 695-6373


Donald P. Hogarth, M.A.       Subscriber since:  2001 exp: 6/30/2003

100 Briarcliff Road

Dewitt, NY 13214

(315) 445-2430


R. Scott Holland                  Subscriber since:  2001 exp: 12/31/2013


312 South Alcaniz Street

Pensacola, FL 32501-6013


fax:   850.433.3109


Drew Hubbell                  Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 3/6/2013

Hubbell & Hubbell Architects

1970 Sixth Ave.

San Diego CA 92101 U.S.A.

(619) 231-0446

FAX: (619) 231-0264



James T. Hubbell    Subscriber since: 1983 exp:   10/8/2013

903 Orchard Lane

Santa Ysabel, CA. 92070 U.S.A.


FAX: (760)765-3427



Richard Hunter, Architect     Subscriber since:  1983 exp:  4/21/2002

203 Goward Road

Victoria, BC V9E-2H8 CANADA

(250) 479-4937

fax:  (250) 479-7306



Thomas M. Hunter, Jr. PE, RA         Subscriber Since: 2001

4912 Grinnell Drive

Raleigh, NC 27612 U.S.A.

(919) 787-0013




Vern Hunter   Subscriber since: 2004  exp: 7/17/2014
420 - 6th Ave. S. Apt. 307.
Fargo N.D. 58103


John Hurtig, Architect    Subscriber since: 2011 Expires: 2/28/2013
4137 Barnett Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81005-1103



Blaine A. Imel, Architect        Subscriber since: 1983 expiration date: 9/24/2002

Deceased:  Fine architect and supporter of the cause of architecture.


Tullio Inglese      Subscriber since: 2000 exp:  1/31/2013

TIA Architects

592 Main Street

Amherst, MA 01002 U.S.A.

(413) 256-8025

FAX: (413) 253-2451



Sarah Iselin and Frank Parman    Subscriber since: 2004 exp:  6/18/2016

520 West Elfaula

Norman, Oklahoma 73069


Cell: 405-833-0852


To avoid the SPAM all of the fellows e-mail addressed will be listed with '*' in the place of the @ symbol.  So you must replace the * with the @ when you use these address.    Let's see if this cuts down on the amount of SPAM we are all getting.  


Ray James, Architect                    Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 1/10/2012

921 Scenic Drive

Ada, OK 74820 U.S.A.

(580) 332-1997



Peter Jansen, Architect             Subscriber since:  1983 exp: 1/2/2014

5005 Emerald Islands Drive

Gold Coast, Queensland, 4211, Australia

International access no. + 61 + 7 + 557 98882

Peter Jansen new email address:  peter_e_jansen*


Nick Jeffrey                  Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 4/3/2012

September 2006 Kebyar Board of Directors

48 Bargery Road




Nick Jeffrey  BSc BArch MScEcon

Began as a foundry worker making oil pumps and hot-rods parts as well as
parts of the Price Tower, then as apprentice to Bruce Goff in the Price
Tower. Studied architecture at Washington University, St.Louis, and
planning at the London School of economics, later mathematics at Kings

For Bruce Goff I did working drawings for the built Rudd House and for the
Tahlequah dormitory, as well as renderings of other projects. Also did
repairs on the Jones and Price houses, and fed Chia the cat when his
master on tour.

Taught at The Architectural Association School of Architecture from 1968
and was Head of the School of Planning. Lectured at many universities.
Currently teaching both design and urbanism, for The Open University at
Tate Modern, and for the London School of Economics.

Worked as an architect, a planner and community activist, a journalist and
jazz photographer. Served recently on The Mayor’s Commission for a New
London Plan. Work has been focussed on inner London communities along the
south bank and throughout the docklands. Designs and builds with Judith
Jeffrey Architect.

Currently guest curator in architecture and event creator for the Bruce
Goff event at Tate Modern Gallery, during the London Festival of
Architecture in June 2008.
On the Board of Friends of Kebyar, serving on the Planning Committee.

48 Bargery Road, London SE6 2LN England  tel 020 8698 1564 3/7/2008


Thierry Jegouzo                          Subscriber since: 2002  exp: 7/31/2012

7, avenue du Bel-Air

Paris 75012, FRANCE

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Jen Library   Subscriber since: 2002  exp: 12/31/2013

Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

SCAD Library, PO. Box 3146, Savannah, GA 31402-3146


James  M. Johnson                     Subscriber since: 1983 exp:  10/9/2011

Nancy Sanquist-Johnson

428 9th St.

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Edward Jones, Architect  Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 9/12/2013

Jones Studio, Inc. Architect

4450 N. 12th St. Suite 104

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FAX: (602) 264-3440


1999 Recipient, Bruce Goff Chair, Oklahoma University


Euine Fay Jones, Architect  1921-2004

Euine Fay & Gus Jones

1330 N. Hillcrest

Fayetteville, AR 72703

(501) 442-2128

Long time supporter of the cause of Organic Architecture and Friends of Kebyar.   Good friend of both Bruce Goff and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The office and the good work continues at:


619 West Dickson

Fayetteville, AR 72701

(479) 443-4742

Fax: (479) 443-0637



Jeffrey Jones Subscriber since: 2012 Expires: 1/30/2014
He is a Graduate Student at University of Pennsylvania.
4043 E. Cherokee St.
Springfield, MO 65809.


Seitu Jones   Subscriber since: 2008 One year to 12/31/2009
629 Kent Street
St. Paul, MN 55103
ph. 651.227.9328
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Ramona & Tom Jones     Subscriber since: 2003  exp: 7/9/2008

411 Walnut Street #2766

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
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In May 2003, my husband and I purchased a Bruce Goff home, the L. A. Freeman residence in Joplin, Mo. Last month February 2007 we sold The Glass House in Joplin, MO to Penny Reichman and Borys Amiet - a wonderful couple who are so excited about owning a Bruce Goff home.

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University of Kansas/Watson Library  Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 12/31/06


1425 Jayhawk Blvd Rm 210 S

LAWRENCE - KS 66045-7544  USA


John R. Kay, Architect  deceased                   Subscriber since: 2000

See Journal 65 on his architecture.

2027- 174th Street

Surrey, BC V4B 5E7 Canada

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FAX: (604) 531-1156



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Richard A Keding, Architect

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Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, Architect           Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 1/31/2002

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FAX: (760)742-3842


The Onion House designed in 1962.


Helen J. Kessler, AIA        Subscriber since: 1990 Exp:  6/15/2013


Mrs. Jane Kilis                  Subscriber since: 1999  exp:  6/19/2007

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Structural Engineer

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Terry Kull      Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 8/24/08
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Email: terrykull*


Thad E. Kusmierski                    Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 5/21/2013

TEK Architect

2625 Benvenue Avenue

Berkeley, California 94704-3404


FAX: (510) 848-5400 


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Lisa and Wes Lachot Subscriber since: 2007 Exp: 11/30/11
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Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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Michael LaFetra  Subscribe since 2010 expires: 5/17/2011
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Allen-Lambe House Museum     Subscriber Since: 2012 Expires: 9/1/2013
255 N. Roosevelt,
Wichita, KS 67208.
Their phone 316.687.1027
Email: allenlambehouse*

Designed in 1915 by Frank Lloyd Wright for Henry J. and Elsie Allen.


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J.D. Dietrich Larsen, Architect, R.A., P.C.           Subscriber since: 2003

Deceased November 2, 2005

Phoenix, Arizona

His web site will be maintained by his wife Amy Larsen. She will continue to recieve e-mail at the following e-mail address.




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Stephen Lautner     New subscriber since 2008 One year to 2/14/09
539 El Cerrito Place
Pensacola, FL. 32503-3211

Stephen lives in a Lautner designed house and is the cousin of John Lautner, Architect.

For a photo tour of this house click below:


Teresa Lawson            Subscriber since: 2010 One year to 10/20/2013
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Daniel J.B.H. Liebermann, Architect    Subscriber since: 1983   exp: 6/9/2001

P.O. Box 58

Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

B (510) 526-9660

H (415) 663-8735    This web site takes a little work to find the links but well worth the effort.   The is a web page showing a Lieberman design and other work done with the help of Barry Peterson also see his listing on the Fellows Directory.

Journal Volume 8- 1990 Number 47, Issue # 8.3


Centria Lilly, Subscriber since: 2010 exp: 7/3/2011
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Marjorie F. Mabrey                          Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 6/10/2005

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Donald MacDonald, Architect     Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 11/8/2012

1516 Folsom Street, Suite B

San Francisco, CA 94103, U.S.A.

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(415) 626-9296



Imre Makovecz

H-1114 Budapest

XI, Villanyi U.8  HUNGARY

Kebyar Journal published on his work.


Tom Makris                       Subscriber since:  2002  exp:1/30/2003

588 Sutter #505

San Francisco, CA 94102 U.S.A.

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fax:  (415) 626-6850



Daniel Malec-Kosak, Architect   Subscriber since: 2012 One year to 11/12/2013
955 McClain Rd.
Grandview Heights, OH 43212
Email; danmk1*

I helped start construction of a Bart Prince house near Taos, was a student of the late Terry Brown, and fan of James Hubbel and E Fay Jones.

Hope to reacquaint myself with current organic work! Thanks for keeping this journal going. Dan Malec-Kosak November 2012


Osvaldo Mallo                   Subscriber since: 1994   exp: 2000

400 S. Cobble Ct.

Mt. Dora, Florida 32757 U.S.A.

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Vincent Mancini, Architect                  Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 6/1/2014

Gibson Mancini Carmichael & Nelson Architects & Planners

155 East Laurel

Garden City, KS 67846 U.S.A.

(316) 276-3244

FAX: (316) 276-6249


Click here and take a look at the Pi Lambda Phi model, Bruce Goff, Architect, restored by Vincent Mancini.


Joseph Manganelli   Subscriber since: 2006 One year to 2/17/2011

262 Riggs Dr.
Clemson, SC 29631

2010 He is now a graduate student at Clemson.


Henry Yorke Mann      Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 3/28/2014

Henry Yorke Mann, Architect

14 Old Camp McKinney Road

S1 C26 RR3

Oliver, B.C. V0H 1T0 CANADA

(250) 498 4766

FAX: (250) 498 0101


Architecture - Part of the God Dance"

This book is a black and white photographic and written record, a time bindment, of the spiritual nature of one West Coast Architect-builders' work accomplished in the 1960's. This work ended when the architect dissolved his practice in 1969 in order to homestead in the relative isolation of the upper Squamish Valley. Three years later he moved to rawland in the Okanagan hills near Oliver, BC to develop, build and run a major cattle ranch. Since 1995, he reopened his architectural practice, operating from his Manndala home/studio adjacent to the ranch in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

To read more click above.

To purchase a copy of this limited edition book ($58.00 Canadian (Plus Shipping) or $48.00 USD (Plus Shipping), signed and numbered by the Architect, contact Henry Mann directly.


Tamia Marg                      Subscriber since: 2002  exp: 12/31/2013


Elizabeth Marshall            Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 1/19/2011

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Kevin & Ann Marshall        Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 12/31/2015

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(Owers of the Bruce Goff's Struckus House)


Jon Martens Subscriber since: 5/27/2012 Exp: 5/27/2014
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Ron J. Martin                   Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 12/31/2004

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Victor Martin Subscriber since: 2014 exp: 3/18/2015

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Larry Martyn, Architect

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Gary McCowan, Architect           Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 5/14/2017

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Oklahoma City, OK. 73120-7117 

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Mc Cowan Mankin.jpg (18263 bytes)  I am including a small little project that I have been able to is a design that was cut out of steel using a water-jet, that will be used first as a template for sandblasting the design on a granite surround at an existing fireplace, and then be powder coated to be used as a lantern in the ceiling of a bathroom over the WC and the tub area, with lights above.  The dimensions of the piece is 4'-10" high by 5'-8" wide.....and it took 6 hours to be cut out with the water-jet....but the cutting is very smooth and precise...and there is no warping of the steel as a heat process such as torch....plasma cutter, etc. would have caused....and fairly reasonable.  Gary Mc Cowan January 1, 2005


Warren McCutchen                  Subscriber since: 1993  exp: 1999

529 SE Grand Ave, #2

Portland, OR 97214U.S.A.

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no fax



William R. McDowell         Subscriber since: 2000 exp: 7/22/2001

Elegant Simplicity

710 Buffalo St., Suite 309

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FAX: (361) 887-0920



Jim McGuire       Subscriber since: 2004 exp: 2/14/2005

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Jerry McKinney, Architect        Subscriber since 1983  exp: 7/11/2013

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phone:  (719) 748-5141



Joshua Lee McKinney          Subscriber sinc3: 2013 Expires: 2/20/2014
12028 Southwest 13th St.,
Yukon, OK 73099

-Aspiring Architect
-Blog writer for , a website dedicated to saving mid century modern architecture around Oklahoma City.
-Grandson of Jimmy Dean Beshears who is a skilled carpenter, artist, and poet. He had a house built by Carl Smith who was an apprentice of E. Fay Jones.


Harry M. McLeod            Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 1999

7618 Twin Hills Dr.

Houston, Texas 77071-1418 U.S.A.

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Fax:  Same



Edward Lowell McMillen              Subscriber since: 1994 exp: 12/7/2013

Mackmillen Architect

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115 W. 4th Street #205

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Fax: (562) 901 9069

Two new websites:  
and blogs and videos at:


Charles Jon Meloy, Architect               Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 3/24/2008

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Thorofare, NJ 08066

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CELL:  (856) 981-2436


10/14/2003    I was a student of Dean Vollendorf's at Clemson University in the mid-70s. I am a practicing architect with my own firm in the Philadelphia area. I teach a Design Studio, Drawing Classes, and Design History classes at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA. I met and spent some time with Bruce Goff when he was living in Tyler, TX and have been in a lot of his buildings.

I have recently begun writing about architecture and design but have yet to publish anything except in publications at Moore. (Recently, only because I simply didn't have the time before.     And, I didn't feel I was ready to express myself as I wanted.) I am very interested in design that expresses the underlying values of our culture - a truly American architecture if you will. I find most of what is being built today to be ugly, incoherent, poorly planned, uninspiring, all too often form for the sake of form, and lacking in any vitality.     Jon Meloy


Kent Mendenhall     Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 8/11/2012
Landscape architect

8715 Vinewood
Dallas, TX 75228
Email: kentmend*


Joseph Messick                             Subscriber since 2004 exp: 2/29/2005

564 Ontario St.

Buffalo, NY 14207-1636

(716) 316-9098


I am a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo's school of architecture 3-1/2 yr M. Arch program. While in school, I used to read the back issues of Friends of Kebyar in the school's library, but I thought that the magazine was out of print. I would guess that the school discontinued its subscription some time ago.

The organic work displayed in the pages of your magazine represent a direction in architecture that I wish to go, and offers a freedom from prescribed forms that are mercilessly repeated over and over.

I had stumbled onto the website while searching for architecture firms that build their own work. I have been a builder for many years before going to graduate school, and have found benefits in a symbiotic relationship of design and construction in my own work. For my thesis project, I designed and built a second floor for an art gallery, winning the AIAS design review award last year.

I would be honored to join the Friends of Kebyar, I think that it would be a great resource for myself, and an opportunity to participate in a growing artistic community.   Joseph Messick


Richard Michi, J.D., CPA Subscriber since: July 2010 Exp: 7/20/2011
The Law Office of Richard Michi
618 S. Northwest Highway, #308
Barrington, IL 60010


Martin Miles New Subscriber 2009, One year to 3/30/11
7 Folingsby Street,
Weston, Australian Capital Territory, 2611, Australia


Eric Miller      Subscriber since: 2003       exp: 7/17/2004

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William Jerome Miller, Architect   Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 1/22/2010

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William Leroy Miller     Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 10/28/2014

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David Alan Milstead, Architect         Subscriber since: 1984  exp: 11/18/2011

Kebyar Board of Directors

Ellen Milstead  September 2006 Kebyar Board of Directors

1707 E 32nd St
P.O. Box 50 (mail)
Sheffield, AL 35660
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Emanuel Milstein, Architect  

Subscriber since: 1990 exp date: 12/31/2004

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Marlboro,New Jersey 07746 USA





Lorenzo Minnielli            Subscriber since: 2003 exp date: 3/11/2004

Via de Gemmis, 14 Bari 70100 Italy



Velina Mirincheva new subscriber One year to 12/21/08.
3309 Simpson
Evanston, IL 60201


MIT Libraries     exp: 12/31/2010

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rotch Room 14-0756   77 Massachusetts Ave.     Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

Cambridge, MA


Takenobu Mohri               Founding   Subscriber:  1983

1 - 4 -13, SHINJIKU

KANAGAWA 249 - 007 Japan


Stephen Mooring   Subscriber since: 8/24/2009 Expires:   8/24/2011
65 Lincoln Ave. Twickenham,
Middlesex TWZ 6NT, United Kingdom
ph. (044) 0208-893-8003
Email: mooringo*


John D Moredock    Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 7/9/2007

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Robert Morris   Subscriber since: 2003 exp: 10/15/2013

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Robert Mosesso      Subscriber since: 2008 expires 11/22/2010
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Lowell AR 72745-9267


Nuno Agusto Moura     Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 1/10/2003

AV. Boavista  1670  6D

Porto Porto 4150 Portugal


G.K.Muennig, Architect          Subscriber since:  1983 exp:12/31/2012

Partington Ridge P.O. Box 92

Big Sur, CA 93920

B   (831) 667-2471

R   (831) 667-2630



R. Clarke Mullen                 Subscriber since:  2002 exp: 4/10/2014

1325 S. 55th Street

Omaha, NE 68106

(402) 558-0113

A pianist, who was a friend of Bruce Goff.   I am pretty sure that he was  the one who played one of BG's piano compositions at the 1983 BG   Celebration 1 in Norman, OK.


Bill Murphy                           Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 9/22/2005

115 West 15th Street

New York, NY 10011-6742 U.S.A.

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FAX: (212) 243-3785



Toshio Nakamura   Founding Subscriber: 1983

3-24-10 Kasuya,

Setagaya-ku Tokyo 157 JAPAN


FAX: 011-81-3-3309-2682


University of Nevada Las Vegas    Exp: 12/31/2013

Library Periodicals

4505 S. Maryland Pkwy., Box 457009

Las Vegas, NV 89154-7009


Jack Neuschwander, Architect    Subscriber since: 2011 exp: 8/5/2013
8310 Johnson School Road,
Louisville, KY 40291-2920
e-mail:  jack*
Jack  is living in "Triaero", the little house that Bruce Goff designed for Irma Bartman way back in 1941.


University of Nevada-Los Vegas (UNLV) exp: 12/31/2013

Library Periodicals 

P.O. Box 457009    Las Vegas NV 89154


George E. Newman    Subscriber since: 2002

9720 Broadway, #1412  

Pearland, TX 77584  

ph. 713.419.2387

No e-mail

George graduated from OU in the late 50's and was not only a student of Mr. Goff but a very close friend to Gene and Nancy Bavinger. George is one of those who built the Bavinger house and then spent a year living in it. Shortly after the house was completed the Bavingers took a year long sabbatical and they asked George to live there and take care of it. Of course he did, with pleasure, but that means that George probably has more knowledge about the house than almost anyone outside the family. He told me that he has a huge collection of photographs that he took throughout the year he was there and he wants to give them to FOK.


Lewis H. Newvine        Subscriber since: 1985      exp: 9/1/2007

51 Maple In The Wood

Daytona Beach, FL 32129-2339

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H (904) 788-8696


Keong K. Ng       Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 8/27/2003

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Betty Nicol         Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 12/31/2006

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James Niess           Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 7/5/2004


P.O. Box 404

Makawao, Maui, HI 96768



Daniel  R. Nichols, Architect               Subscriber since:  1999  exp: 10/15/2001

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Robert Noble, Architect            Subscriber since: 6/28/2005 exp: 6/28/2010

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Rome, GA 30161

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Roger Byam Nold                       Subscriber since:  1999  exp:  5/10/2013

Noldesign LLC

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Oesch Environmental Design

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Oklahoma State University Library

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Now has a complete set of all 71 Journals. 2008


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Jack Palomino                      Subscriber since: 2001 exp:10/1/2004

Palomino-Barth Architects

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Rod Parks    Subscriber since: 2010 One year to 10/20/2011
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(new owner of BG's Nicol House)


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Bill Peavler died Aug.16th 2003

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Organization: The Green Idea

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Owner Builder of several Bruce Goff designed houses.

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Richard Michael Post       Subscriber since: 2003 exp: 9/29/2004

PurpleX Architecten

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info* 10/14/2003   (the web site is in Dutch, I will edit the English version later this year).

Although this site shows the direction of my work for over the past four years, I turned into a new direction with more feeling with natural materials instead of just the forms. I did a lot of workshops and am now building my own office. You understand that this takes time and a major change in my feeling towards architecture in general.

I came in contact with the friends of Kebyar because of Dr Eugene Tsui. His work seemed similar to my own during my final graduation from the Technical University of Delft. In fact he was the only architect who seemed to understand the real essence of nature-based architecture (I thought in that time). After visiting him and inviting him to the Netherlands we became friends. In April of this year I visited again the States and this time I paid also a visit to Arthur Dyson, James Hubbell and Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. After seeing the work of these architects I understood that my knowledge of architecture needed an upgrade. Although the work of Eugene still appeals my eye, I find more similarities in the work of James and Kendrick. The way I describe it... Eugene has an idea in his head and finds a way to put this idea on the earth.... James builds with the earth and by doing so the earth itself creates a place that feels natural and more in tune and in harmony with nature. I find these buildings more.... natural.

In the Netherlands it is hard to build the same way as you do in the States.   The energy is different and we just haven't the space you've got. Therefor I need to use the essence of the American Style and put this in a suitable form. There is also a major difference in history. We are used to build with bricks instead of wood. I'm trying to find my own way and slowly it begins to take form. I'm still young so I have a whole future in front of me.

The interest I show in the Friends of Kebyar is that it is really hard to find information about architecture and similar thinking architects. As I said it is not common for Dutch architects to build the way you do. In fact... I think I'm the only one. In Europe you have the Rudolf Steiner movement and therefor there is little information about other architects.   The Friends of Kebyar is a collection of important and fantastic architects that hold together the key for the future, how can I not join.

There is a second reason why I joined. I'm thinking in organizing a trip to California to promote other (read "my type of") architecture. Therefor I need contact with people who can tell me where to find "organic" architects and addresses of their work. The Friends of Kebyar seems the perfect place for such a search. The work of the architects I saw is more or less based on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, and that is something I think other people must see as well.          Michel Post


Tim Powell, Architect   Subscriber since 2006 Exp: 4/17/2015

37 Ladds Ridge Road

West Burleigh

Queensland 4219, Australia



John C. Preston           Subscriber since: 1998    Exp: 10/12/2005

3952 Whitewood Way

Bloomington, IN 47404

(812) 339-6413


2004 working on masters thesis from Univ. of Arizona


Joe D. Price        Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 8/26/2018

Friends of Kebyar Board of Directors since 1983.

web site:


The Price Tower Art Center    Subscriber since: 2004 exp: 9/10/2010

Price Tower

510 Dewey Ave.
PO Box 2464 (mail)
Bartlesville, OK 74005

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Casey S. Randall           Subscriber since: 2003 exp: 3/16/2007


Jay Randolph      Subscriber since: 2004 exp: 5/23/2012

3218 Edengurgh Dr.

Fort Smith AR 72908

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Chris Reiger                    Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 1/12/2002

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2/11/2003 not working: chreiger*


David Rhodes Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 10/10/2008
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Kirkwood, MO 63122


Philip E. Rickman           Subscriber since: 2003 exp: 4/15/2008


4328 N.W. 29th Terrace

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Anja Riedl     Subscriber since: 2005  exp: 9/8/07

Unit 12d

Rosemary Works

Branch Place

London, N1 5PH England

tel: 0796 2640174



Steve D. Ritchey        Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 8/6/2002

landscape artist

606 Alice St. upstairs

Oakland, CA 94607 U.S.A.

(510) 839-6845




Rollie Ristine    Subscriber since: 1983,    1931- Deceased May 2002

Friends of  Kebyar Board of Directors

Editor of the FOK Network News


Sanford & Janet Roberts          Subscriber since: 2001

1950 S. Webb Rd. Unit 111
Wichita, KS 67207-7118

B   (316) 788-8699

R   (316) 685-6772



Charlene Roise              Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 2/12/2003

Hess Roise & Co.

100 North 1st Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401 U.S.A.

(612) 338-1987



Luis Noguera Roldan           Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 3/17/2025

Roldan Designs International

124 Becky Don Drive

Greer, SC 29651-1213 U.S.A.

(864) 877-0904




DR. Joseph Rorke    

Taliesin West

The Wright's family physician and the fellowship's resident physician until his retirement in 1990. Since then he has written and published the "Whirling Arrow" weekly news letter of events at Taliesin West and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.


Robert Roscoe     Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 1/1/2007

Design for Preservation

1401 East River Parkway SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414-3625





M. Richard & Minda Roseman            Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 6/8/2003

3376 Fryman Place

Studio City, CA 91604 U.S.A.

(818) 980-6962



Lynee Rotochil Subscriber since:  2014  exp: 7/17/2015

4112 Cherry Hill Lane

Oklahoma City, OK 37120


W. Stanley Russell, Architect           12/17/2014

1506 A Central Ave.

Charlotte, NC  28205 U.S.A.

(704) 372-1116

FAX:  (704) 372-1428


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Allen Frances Santos         Subscriber Since: 2002 exp: 4/9/2014

The New People Service Kompanies

160 Fillmore, Unit A

San Francisco, CA 94117-3547


Carmine and Carlo Sarno   Subscriber Since: 2002 exp: 1/21/2014

Sarno Architetti

via Orilia, 6

Cava de' Tirreni, Salerno 84013 ITALY

Phone: 39-089-441792

FAX#: same



Bob Schatz , Architect                  Subscriber Since: 2002 exp:12/31/2006

2118 S. E. Division St.

Portland, OR 97202

(503) 235-8585



Edward A. Schatz, archivist/photographer  Subscriber since: 2005 exp: 10/9/2010
5279 Deeboyar Avenue
Lakewood, California, 90712-2114

(562) 633-3503

My first real introduction to architecture was fertilized through my Introduction to artist James Hubbell.  Through Jim, I was shown and taught the value of beauty, honour, compassion, and a driven work ethic.   All around us are the personifications of dead, useless, meaningless space created by the hand and mind of unenlightened and uncaring individuals.   In the course of 20 years and beyond, I have endeavored to record in photograph and on tape the largest and most complete archive study in existence of Jim Hubbells life's work, a journey that I hope continues for many, many more years. It has been a sojourn of rewards unmeasured. I am also tending to the creation of a new centrally located and accessible archive of architects and artists from around the world, the "legacy series". Through all of this I have been shown the jubilation and pathos of our lives, and to repeat what has been stated before, " to meet James Hubbell is to be transformed". My phone and email are open to everyone, consider them doors to walk through for questions about the projects, about the products being created, or just to talk, and I invite you in each and all. My most recent article is at , researching James Hubbell, July 2005, hope to hear from you.

Edward A. Schatz.


R. David Scheer                 Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 3/28/2002

2342 Shattuck  #104

Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 981-1531



Neill Scheiter Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 5/17/08
1302 N. Summit,
Springfield, MO 65802
Email: nscheiter*


ARQ. William Schermer                Subscriber since:  2002  exp: 7/30/2012

APDO 5-855

Mexico D.F. 6500 MEXICO

O.  +52 (.5) .525.1030



James Walter Schildroth, Architect       Subscriber since: 1989 exp:  1/31/2015

Vice-President Kebyar Board of Directors 2001 to 2014

Web Master 2001 to 2014

Editor of this Fellows Directory On-line and the Fok e-News.

P. O. Box 275 

Wiscasset, Maine 04578-0275 U.S.A.

Studio at 6 Tyler Road, formerly known as 18 Lee Street

(207) 882-6305


LA50X150MSP012.jpg (25285 bytes)

1500 SF House for a 50x150 Ft. Lot in LA, James Walter Schildroth, Architect


Morris Schopf   Subscriber since: 2008 exp:
Schopf Design Associates
1 Cambridge Street
Salem, MA 01970


William Blair Scott Subscriber since 2008, exp 3/10/2012
Kebyar Board of Directors since 2010

President 2014

3251 Roxburg Dr.

Lexington, Ky.  40503
Ph. 859.338.3108
Email: Taliesin*


David Scott-Risner           Subscriber since: 1990    exp: 12/31/2012 

44850 SE 145th

North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-0281          



Jim. W. Sealy, FAIA           Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 1/15/2017

1320 Prudential Drive

Dallas, Texas 75235 USA


FAX: (214)637-3229



Paul W. Searing    Subscriber since: 2006  exp: 6/5/2011

7821 Fontana

Prairie Village, KS 66208


Email: pjsearing*
web site

Interior fireplace and central skylight.

This is a great web site telling and showing the story of this wonderful house.

Mr. Searing and his wife, Jody are the current and original owners of the Bruce Goff designed house in the KC area.


Javier Senosiain          Subscriber since 2005 exp. 10/28/2006

Calzada Legaria No. 779 - S2 Colonia Irrigacion

Mexico, Distrito Federal 11500


Email: caracol100*


Arthur A. Serchia, Architect      Subscriber since: 1986  exp: 11/12/2009

4703 Good Ct.

Cramichael, CA 95608 U.S.A.

(916) 481-1833



Terry Sewell, Architect         Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 1/25/2010

OBA Inc. Architecture

2805 N 58th St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

(480) 949-8687



Gerry M. Shaffer   Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 10/29/2001

919 Easton Place

Dallas, TX 75218 U.S.A.

(214) 319-2462

Fax:  none



Robert Shank                 Subscriber since: 2002  exp:  7/6/2012

77 Melville Avenue

San Anselmo, CA 94960

R    (415) 686-0258



Nilaya Studios Attn. Hala Shitara Subscriber since 2010 exp: 1/4/2011
Astra Plaza Building, 9th floor
Wadi Saqra
Amman, P.O. Box 2257
ph. 962 (6) 464 2481 ext. 224


M. Todd Shoaf             Subscriber since: 1993   exp:  1/1/2003

536 Waterford Dr.

Edison NJ 08817



Andrea Simmons                Subscriber since: 2001 exp:  7/10/2002

588 High Haro Drive

Harbor, WA 98250



Elizabeth Sinanan  Subscriber since: 2005  exp: 7/15/06

5288 Tobin St. Apt. 7

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 152 Canada

(902) 221-7174

No Email address:  Please send me your e-mail.

An Architecture Student at Dalhousie University and "can't wait until she gets the first journal".


Donald Singer, Architect                 Subscriber since: exp:  3/5/2002

1509 SW 15th Ave

Ft. Lauderdale,  FL 33312

B   954.467.1509

FAX:  954.523.6738



Julian Sirre    Subscriber since: 2011 Expires: 2/14/20112
Oosterkerkstraat 17
2313Sn Leiden, Netherland


Rex & Martha Slack      Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 9/13/2012

Rex passed away 8/11/2013.  1925-2013

Great supporter of the cause of Organic Architecture.

2800 West 39th Street, South

Muskogee, OK 74401-8983

(918) 687-1819


William Slatton Subscriber since: 2012 One year to 11/19/2013
P.O. Box 96
Clarkdale, AZ 86324-0096.
ph. 928.821.2176
Email: bscad*


Bill Sliger  Subscriber since: 2013 exp: 3/21/2014

16251 NE 2nd Street

Bellevue, WA 98008


Glenn Howard Small    Subscriber since: 2002 exp: 12/31/2006

P.O. Box 1958
Waldport,OR 97394
B 541.563.3742
FAX: 541.563.4041

See Journal index for a view of his architecture.


C. Jeffery Small             Subscriber since: 1992 exp: 7/5/2001


7000 E Mercer Way

Mercer Island, WA 98040 U.S.A.

(206) 232-3338




Robert Lee Smith III AIA        Subscriber since: 1999 exp: 11/22/2012

P.O. Box 518

Shelby, NC 28151-0518 U.S.A

(704) 434-5078



Brian Spencer/Architect   One year to 9/27/2011
P.O. Box 5951, Carefree, AZ 85377-5951
Cell ph. 608.217.9300
Email basarchmb*


Jodie (Jo Ann) Steggerda         Subscriber since 2000  exp: 11/15/2007

1013 Pheasant Circle

Savoy, IL 61874

(217) 355-1643


10/14/2003   I have studied architecture independently and with great interest for the past ten years.  Fortunately I soon learned about Organic Architecture and Bruce Goff.  I have visited only two of his designs, but I intend to go see as many of them as I can in the future.  A fellow buff, Gene Diggs of Rochester Hills, MI, told me of the Friends of Kebyar, after we traveled to Cobden, IL, to visit the stone house then owned by Carol Etzkorn.  I was born right near Cobden in Anna, so I have a personal interest in that area.  I also befriended the new young owner of a Goff home right here in our sister city of Urbana, and Gene and I presented him with a membership in FOK.  And last of all, my family moved in 1960 from Illinois to....Tyler, Texas!  That's another interesting fact and site of Goff's life.  I have everything that has been printed about Goff, and I am still hoping to get the little Viewmaster reel somehow, somewhere.  I am just a buff, true, but I do qualify as a serious and sincere admirer of Goff.  Hope this satisfies your curiosity.  Thanks for asking, and thanks for putting me in the Online Directory!      Jodie Steggerda


John Steigerwald     Subscriber since: 1985 exp: 5/4/2008

174 Helen Street

Fanwood, New Jersey 07023-1514 U.S.A.





Horst Steinicke          Subscriber since: 1994  exp:  2/23/2002

Horst Steinicke has moved without leaving a forwarding address.

Bismarckstr. 147

Dipl. Eng. Architecture           

73433 Aalen, Germany

49 7361 740483

FAX: 49 7361 740483

123 Ramona Drive

San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 U.S.A.

(805) 543-2608




Arthur Stern         Subscriber since: 1984 exp: 3/5/2008


1075 Jackson Street

Benicia,CA 94510 U.S.A.

(707) 745-8480


Arthur Stern is an award winning architectural glass artist, with installations in 38 states as well as Japan, Hong Kong & Canada.
He was an architecture student of Kebyar member Robert Overstreet, and collaborated on Overstreet's award winning Italian Cemetery
Chapel in Colma, CA, integrating art glass into the building.  Arthur Stern has also collaborated with with Kebyar members Vince Mancini
on Chapel and Hospital projects in KS, as well as Eric Lloyd Wright, on the restoration of his grandfather's Storrer House in Hollywood.  For
this project 92 leaded glass windows, as designed by FLW, were added during the extensive restoration of the home.

Thank you,
Arthur Stern


Leland Stevenson   Subscriber since: 2010 Exp: 8/24/2013
Ohija Road, Galaboda
Boralanda, 90170 SRI LANKA


The name I have given the property in upcountry Sri Lanka (4,200 feet) and would give a home there built to advance the Cause of Architecture is Aarru.

Aarru is an ancient Egyptian word that has two meanings for the same thing
expressed in a different way.   One is "heaven", the other is "the clarified
psychic nature" (precondition for experiencing the inner heaven) by which one
becomes able to register events beyond the opposites of pleasure and pain, "what
is" and "what should be" with which we usually identify.


Fred Stitt             Subscriber since: 1983

Founder of San Francisco Institute of Architecture

also Guidelines

P.O. Box 2590

Alameda, CA  94501 U.S.A.

(800) 634-7779




Allan Stone              Subscriber since: 2003  exp: 5/9/2004

119 Spadina Avenue Suite 1200

Toronto, Ontario MSV2L1Canada

(416) 506-1600




William Allin & Patricia A. Storrer       Subscriber since: 2000 exp: 7/31/2010

Author of FLlW Companion & The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, a complete catalog

424 Corning Ave, P O B 1121

Frankfort, MI 49635

Cell: (973) 214-6871

e-mail William Storrer at:   franklloydwright*



Milton & Eunice Stricker          Subscriber since: 1988 

Milton Stricker, Architect   "Design Through Abstraction"  Book on line.

Great supporter of the cause of Organic Architecture passed away June 1, 2008

3211 South Massachusetts Street

Seattle,WA 98144

R  (206) 329-5277

wpe3.jpg (77405 bytes)


Mani Subra Subscriber since 2007 Exp: 11/19/08
Design One, INC.
16071 N. 76th st. Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
ph. 480.860.8028
Email: mail*


John Swearingen      Subscriber since 1995  exp: 12/31/2013

2550 9th St. #209B
Berkeley, CA 94710
ph. 510.849.1800


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Edgar Tafel,  Architect

14 East 11th Street

New York, NY 10003-4402

R (212) 673-6000

FAX: (516) 267-2030

One of the original apprentices to join FLLW at Taliesin

Author of two books on Frank Lloyd Wright: "About Wright" and "Apprentice to Genius"


Mrs. Julie Reyes Taubman   New subscriber 2010 One year to 12/6/2011

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304


John A Templeton, NCAB           Subscriber since: 2000   exp:  11/2/2005

HOK Sport

300 Wyandotte, Suite 300

Kansas City, Missouri 64105 USA

P+816 329 4435

F+816 221 1578



David W. Tench, AIA LEED™ Subscriber since: 1984 exp: 7/16/2007
Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau, P.C.

3835 Admiral Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
Telephone: 404.522.8805 ext. 225
Fax: 404.521.2118
Email: dtench*
Web Site:


The Terrell Family    Subscriber since: 2005 exp: 8/20/2006

Jay B. & Ashley Terrell

7608 Southwestern Blvd.

Dallas TX. 75225-7926

(214) 692-9380

no Email


Ryan Thewes           Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 8/21/2012

165 Lelawood Circle,
Nashville, TN 37209.
Phone change: 615.517.4186
Email change: ryan*


Michael A. Thomas                 Subscriber since 1992  exp: 6/22/2016

Michael Alan Thomas, Architect

3900 Shenandoah Ave

Saint Louis, MO   63110 U.S.A.

(314)664-0680 (voice & fax)



A. Kimball Thompson   Subscriber since 2007  exp: 11/9/08
46-160 Nahiku st.
Kaneohe, HI 96744
ph. 808.236.1373
Email: kimball*


Anthony Thompson                   Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 3/18/2015

130 Eagle Lake Road So.

Big Lake, MN 55309 U.S.A.

(763) 263-1931




Brock Thompson     Subscriber since 1994 exp: 5/20/2014

PO BOX 201

Newport Beach, CA  92662


Robert E. Thompson, President   Subscriber since 1983 exp: 12/15/2015


P.O. Box 6410

Portland OR 97228-6410 U.S.A.

(503) 284-5459

FAX: (503) 284-5459



Jone Thurmond    Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 11/30/2012
1230 Mt. Aetna Road
Hagerstown, MD 21742


TIB und Universitaetbibliothek HANNOVER exp: 12/31/08

DE/5100/G1/0001, Welfengarten 1B, 30167 HANNOVER Germany


Robert M. Tieger, Architect    Subscriber since: 1983  exp: 5/17/2014

3 Patchin Place

New York, NY 10011

(212) 989-5278


Diane Tomar, M.D.    Subscriber since: 2009 expires: 5/17/2010
P.O. Box 279
Crescent City, CA 95531


Robert Trafton           Subscriber since: 2003  exp: 7/11/2004

18808 Woodway Drive

Derwood MD 20855




Luiz Trigueiros, Subscriber since: 2011, Expires: 2/25/2015
Rua Julio Dantas 10,
2750-670 Cascais, Portugal
Email address is:  blau*

Luiz, while currently a student at the Centro Musical de Cascais (He is getting a student subscription), also runs the book publishing company, Editorial Blau in Cascais, Portugal. He was an Architecture student in the 1980's


Will Trout, Architect              Subscriber since: 2000 exp: 7/1/2002

Trout & Creek Architects

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Banks Upshaw                  Subscriber since: 1983  Exp date: 4/26/2013

4805 S.E. 33 Ave.,

Portland, Oregon, 97202 U.S.A.

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Paul Uttinger        Subscriber since: 2004   Exp date: 4/12/2015

September 2006 Kebyar Board of Directors,  Secretary & Subscription manager 2014

1324 S. Elwood Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74119 - 3016

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Jeff Vandeberg, Architect    Subscriber since: 2009 exp: 11/14/2013
Vandeberg Architects
275 5th Avenue FL2
New York, NY 10016
ph. 212.704.4040
fax 212.704.4141
Email: jeff*


Vince Van De Venter      Subscriber since: 2002 

Vince passed away early Saturday morning 8/18/2012 at home.

Betty Van De Venter can be reached at the following:

3202 Pecan St.  

Rockford, IL 61114

(815) 639-1361



Annemarie van Roessel         Subscriber since: 2000

Ryerson and Burnham Archives,

Ryerson and Burnham Libraries

The Art Institute of Chicago

111 S. Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL  60603-6110

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LaDon VanNoy  Subscriber since: 2003   exp: 10/21/2012

Taliein Apprentice supporter of the cause until his death in 2013.

1190 South Maple Avenue

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Neil Vannoy   Subscriber since: 2006 exp: 12/10/2010

75 Paw Paw Bend Road    

Morrilton, AR 72110


James  W. Veal           Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 1/14/2005

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Rodrigo Velazquez de Leon   Subscriber since: 2010 One year to 10/4/2011
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San Antonio, TX 78259.
Email: Rodrigovdis*

He is a student at Univ. of Texas/ San Antonio, Texa


Mr. Laurie Virr, Architect    Subscriber since: 2003  exp: 3/30/2013

17 Meredith Circuit

Kambah, A.C.T. 2902, Australia

(02) 6231 2480


Laurie Virr, Architect Biography

Laurie Virr, Archiect Interior Space..jpg (24008 bytes) Laurie Virr, Architect


Dean Bryant Vollendorf    Subscriber since: 1983

August 25, 1929 - May 6, 2008

Vollendorf maki.gif (530213 bytes) Click on image to see more.

For those who haven't heard, its sadly true.

I had the great opportunity to work with Dean before he died designing the website. 
Dean has left the planet but he planted a seed in a lot  of us who shared his friendship and were fortunate enough to know him.  In this sense the FOV website is just beginning.
Dean was decidedly a visual thinker telling me recently, "We draw to see and project ideas. The more we see the easier it becomes to write." 
Dean's "hand" at the drawing board immediately comes to mind.  What an exceptionally beautiful "projector of ideas" he was.
(His computer is also a vast source of his creativity)
So, it is the intention to create a website where people can share IDEAS through architecture visually-
and allow this energy and excitement to "stretch" out in a real way and continue to grow.
A couple of days ago I was searching through boxes of folders and photographs looking for anything I had from Dean. 
My desk was completely submerged in paper that was cascading onto the floor in a ring around my chair. 
I noticed a Dean drawing among the mix and the sentence that caught my eye was "Now we begin to see the beauty in confusion..." 
I had to laugh.

With this in mind, I encourage everyone associated with Dean: family, friends, students, clients to share
their memories/ thoughts of him etc. on the FOV site. 
(Class notes or any specific photographs,designs, teachings by Dean can go in the Gallery section*)
To post onto the site:
1.  go to
2. click on "Pin-UP" in the upper right hand corner of the home page
3.  click on Pin-Up file upload
4.  The username is fov and the password is fov
5.  create a new folder, name it and upload.  Just like you were attaching an image to an e-mail.
*If there are other materials you would like to upload in the "Gallery" section
or if you would like to have your name and info included in the "Fellows" section please e-mail them to me
at and I will upload them.
Thank you all for participating in this project.  The dream is as big as we want to make it.
with love,
John Driscoll

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Greg Walke        Subscriber since: 2001  exp: 12/31/2002

WOA, Inc

110 West San Francisco St.

Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Anthony Louis Walker, ARCHITECT   Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 2/9/2011
1299 Hornbach Street
Saint Ignace, MI 49781-1920
mobile # 818 . 212 . 1066 [EST]
awalker137 (at)


David Wanzer , Subscriber since 2010 exp: 1/12/2011
308 Design Collaborative,
628 Sheridan Ave.,
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Work: 405-641-6911


Lee Aaron Ward, Architect AIA         Subscriber since:  2001  exp: 1/9/2002

1074 Summit Avenue

Napa, CA 94559 U.S.A.

O (707) 257-7508

R (707) 253-7737



Laura Warriner      Subscriber since: 1983  exp date: 6/8/2013

Untitled [ArtSpace]

One N.E. 3rd Street

Oklahoma City, OK  73104-2205

B (405) 232-9995

H (405) 842-1310

Cell: 406-834-6086

Fax:(405) 232-9995


My husband Joe and I own Bruce Goff's   "Pollock" home in Oklahoma City.  We have changed the name from the Untitled Gallery to Untitled [ArtSpace] a 501c3 not for profit artspace.  Please note our new website and email. Thank you!   Laura


John Webb, Architect         Subscriber since: 1995  exp:  6/8/2007

5223 Timberhurst Road

San Antonio, TX  78250   U.S.A.


FAX: (210)520-3324



Winslow Elliott Wedin, Architect          Subscriber since: 1983 

Supporter of the cause until his death 2013

850 W. Royal Palm Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33486-4669

(561) 392-9216

FAX: (561) 392-9216  call first.


   Winslow Elliott Wedin first “discovered” Bruce Goff in 1956 in the Life Magazine article on the Ford house.   I was working on the design for a house in Colorado as a school project at the University of Minnesota, School of Architecture.    The project became a series of circular forms with skylights highlighting the “Fools gold” pyrite walls.   Not too well received by the faculty enamored with Mies. Inspired by Goff’s use of found materials, I bought a case of paper picnic soup bowls and paneled one wall of my bedroom. Good texture and great sound control.

    On a lecture tour of Minneapolis by Mr Wright in 1956 I was asked to be on the tour bus representing the School of Architecture. I was the only U of M student who admired Wright’s work at that time. Sitting behind Wright on the bus, I asked what he thought of Bruce Goff’s work. The reply- ” The Kid is doing OK!”.

    In 1956 a student of Goff’s, from Oklahoma, Chuck Thompson [now with CRS in Houston] came to Minnesota for his final year.     I now had a fellow student with which to discuss design.     Chuck showed his slides to a small group at my artist father’s [Elof Wedin] house of Goff’s Sunday Morning painting studies.   Again, this inspired some investigations into spray enameled studies of my own.

    In 1957, my bride Carol and I traveled toward Mexico, stopping at Wright’s Price Tower. We called up to Goff and were invited to his studio apartment.   He gave us a tour of the tower including the penthouse. While touring, he asked one of his staff to prepare a map of local projects. We visited Bavenger and Frank-Oma house and pottery [we have samples of Goff’s grill tiles and more].    Carol remembers Goff in his wild and beautiful shirt and “being like a warm and friendly grandfather”.

    From those early days researching Wright and Goff [and other organic designers], This Architect has pushed his own creative approach to design incorporating painting, sculpture, structural innovation and teaching into a body of work which covers Continuous Environments to Urban Form, with quit a few good houses along the way.  Winslow,  Mon 20 Oct 2003


Avrom Weissman, Architect          Suscriber since: 1983        exp date: 8/4/2011

A. Weissman, Architect

33 Degel Rueven Street,  apt. 4

Petach Tiqvah  49551, Israel

Phone from the USA 718-701-5513




Laura Wheaton and Roger Dewsbury       Subscriber since: 2000 exp: 8/1/2013

Kebyar Board of Director 2002 to 2004

7310 Sportsman Drive

Falls Church VA 22043-1046 USA

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Richard L. Whitaker        Subscriber since: 2001 exp: 2/14/2012

Box 1708

Tahoe City, CA 96145

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William White Subscriber since 2008, exp: 10/4/2010
History Student at Mississippi State 2008
P.O. Box 2326
Muscle Shoals, AL 35662
Email: thedoors1388*


Robert W. Whitten     Subscriber since: 1984 exp: 12/31/2012

118 East Mobile Street, Suite 209

Florence, AL 35630

B (256) 767-6338

H (256) 767-6235



Brett  M. Wilbur        Subscriber since: 2002 exp date: 1/24/2003


1027 Honey Hill Dr.

Houston, TX 77077

H (281) 759-7768

FAX: (713) 953-2515

fatdogy2k*         not working 2/16/2003


Weston C. Wilhelm   Subscriber since: 2006 Expires: 1/28/07

P.O. Box 5032 Hilton Head Island, SC 29938-5032

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FAX: (843) 842-4499



Charles Willis, Architect    Subscriber since: 2009   Expires: 3/24/2010
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Arlington, TX 76006
ph. 817.543.1100

fax 817.274.8878
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Keisha Wilson      Subscriber since: 2012     Exp: 8/20/2013
2231 Sherman Avenue NW (East),
Washington, DC 20059
No phone:
No e-mail


John Calvin Womack, Architect  Subscriber since: 2004  Expiration date 5/22/2006

September 2006 Kebyar Board of Directors

Oklahoma State University

School of Architecture

101 Architecture Building

Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078


Fax: 405-744-6491


BARCH from the University of Arkansas, 1973. Worked with Fay Jones from 1973 to 1983.

Started own practice in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1983.

Walker House appeared in Fine Homebuiling magazine, special issue on Houses, Spring, 1988.

Adjunct professor at Univ. of Arkansas 1987 to 1992.    Masters Degree in Architecture from Oklahoma State University in 1994.

Joined OSU School of Architecture faculty in 1994.


James R. Wood         Subscriber since: 2002 Expiration date 1/23/2003

3849 Merivale Avenue

San Diego, California 92116 U.S.A.

CELL: (619) 459-6335



Sally Wood                  Subscriber since: 2003   Expiration date 9/18/2004

4440 McKinney St. #4

Houston, TX. 77023

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Wayne W. Wood      New Subscriber since: 2008, 1 year to 1/24/2010
806 Riverside Ave. #100
Jacksonville, FL 32204-3337


Mary Woolever         Subscriber since 2004 exp: 5/1/2011

Art Institute of Chicago

111 S. Michigan ,Chicago IL 60603

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Eric Lloyd Wright, Architect             Subscriber since: 1983   exp: 12/31/2011


24680 Piuma Road

Malibu, CA 90265-3033 U.S.A.

(818) 591-8992



Joseph Henry Wythe, Architect    Subscriber since: 1983 exp: 1/8/2015

Alternative Architecture

2901 Lower Pack River Road

PO Box 578

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 U.S.A.

(208) 263-7731


For e-mail go to the web site.



Stephen Yett             Subscriber since: 2003   exp: 6/21/2004

15114 Sherman Way,#205

Van Nuys, CA 91405

B (310) 456-3625

H (918) 988-5204


Kurt & Mary Jane Youngstrom Subscriber since: 2012 Expires: 6/15/2013
10703 W. 115th Terrace
Overland Park, KS 66210-3017

No phone or e-mail yet. 


Larry Zgoda        Subscriber since: 1998 exp: 6/20/2011


3932 N. Oakley Ave.

Chicago, IL 60618 U.S.A.

(773) 463-3970



LARRY ZGODA, an artist of stained glass in Chicago, has created a new approach to stained and leaded glass – CLOVIS GLASS. The overall effect is similar to the look of knapped flint arrow and spear points of the Clovis era in North America, 14,000 years ago … hence the name.

In this original technique, pieces of plate glass are edged with a handheld chipping tool, forming scallops and making them thin enough to accommodate the lead channel. 

As seen in the enclosed photograph, many kinds of glass lend themselves to this innovative technique.  Besides the main treatment of glue-chipped, clear, plate, we see flashed ruby and golden crown.  With these materials, the color is a thin layer on a clear base. When scalloped, the color is removed and the clear glass is revealed.  

LARRY ZGODA has created original designs and innovative techniques in stained glass for over thirty years.  Beveled wire glass, Stainless Glass and Architonomous Art Glass are a few of these.  Many of his new compositions contain unique elements and components enriching them with a vivid architectural quality. Ornamental, iron armatures, hot-wrap rondels and frames of exotic woods are a few examples.

More can be learned about LARRY ZGODA and stained glass by visiting


David Ziff Subscriber since: 5/2008 Exp: 5/3/2009
Student at Univ. of Texas/ /San Antonio
143 1/2 Terrell Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78209
Email: iam*


Don F. Zimmer, Architect     Subscriber since: 2007 exp: 4/9/2011
255 N.E. 3rd Avenue
Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 467-7400
Email: dfzaia*

I decided to join Friends of Kebyar since I have heard about you from a friend of mine who is a member, Randy Henning.  I also have been a long time admirer of the works of Dan Duckham, since his office is/was in Ft. Lauderdale where I have lived all of my life.  I am an architect in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and have had my own small office since Feb. 1976.  As an all consuming hobby, I travel around the U.S. photographing Frank Lloyd Wright projects.  To date I have photographed 432 of his projects.

Don Zimmer

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