Heather N. Krausse, Principal

47 Commercial Street, Bath, Maine 04530


"Every design challenge creates an opportunity for a wonderful and unique solution ~ the greater the challenge, the more creative the solution, the more wonderful the outcome"

~Heather N. Krausse
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H. N. Krausse shown on the right working with clients.

This is a company which strives to design beautifully detailed, cohesive, practical, functional homes, homesteads, and interiors with a sensitivity to environment and ecology. The structures and spaces should be made intuitive and supportive of the homeowner, reflective of their unique tastes, and created to connect with the circumstances of its surroundings/environment.


Interior and Architectural Design, Kitchen Design

Heather N. Krausses Summary

My Architecture is inspired by the culmination of each project's unique set of circumstances organically composed with a most natural balance of aesthetics and function; it's essence enhanced by engaging the spirit of life, environment, and art.

Whether creating "Slow Living" settings or gracefully incorporating modern convenience, my work has respectfully appreciated, embraced and celebrated the spirit and styles of the past and the now with a vision for a sustainable future. New homes, whether historic resproductions or contemporary modern free in form, engage a degree of nostalgia which grounds the design in place and in heart, connecting the client through new and inspired, yet familiar relationships.



Habitats for Humans ~ Residential Interior and Architectural Design. Kitchen Design, Millwork Design, Interior/Exterior Space Design. Period Restorations and Renovations, New Homes Integrated with their Envrionments, Eco~Green Responsible Design.

Heather N. Krausses Experience


Architectural/Interior Designer, Project Manager at The Kennebec Company Designers and Cabinetmakers

Architectural Designer at Richard Higgins ~Architects

Architectural Designer at James Walter Schildroth ~ Organic Architect

Landscape Contractor and Design at Heather Krausse

Carpenter at Nomad Builders



Heather N. Krausse Organic Design (Sole Proprietorship) Linded In

Interior and Architectural Designer

Sole Proprietorship; Architecture & Planning industry

Founded: September 2010Present

47 Commercial Street, Bath, Maine 04530

Beautifully detailed homes designed by hand and developed through a process of growing and evolving a design from it's unique set of circumstances.Restorations and renovations of First Period Colonial homes through to new and creative cutting-edge design. Each relative and complimentary to their context.

Architectural/Interior Designer, Project Manager

The Kennebec Company Designers and Cabinetmakers

September 1997August 2010 (13 years) One Front Sreet, Bath, Maine 04530

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Period inspired design.

Interior millwork design from First Period, early English/French/Dutch/Spanish Colonial, Gerogian, Federal/Adam, Greek Revival/Early Classical, Victorian Era, Arts and Crafts/Prairie, International, Moderne, to Urban and European Contemporary style through contemporary modern applications.

Architectural Designer

Richard Higgins ~Architects

19921997 (5 years) Rockland, Maine

Residential, commercial, health facilities.

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The Bluenose Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Architectural Designer

James Walter Schildroth ~ Organic Architect

1988 – 1994 (6 years) Wiscasset, Maine

Studies of Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Detailed complex joinery, millwork, structures. I worked with James Schildroth on the following Houses:

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Klimek House, Long Lake, Naples, Maine

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The Starbird House, Bar Harbor, Maine

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Betta House, Midcoast, Maine

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Bob and Betta's House, Round Pond, Maine

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Murray House, Chamberlain, Maine.


Landscape Contractor and Design

Heather Krausse

1992 – 1993 (1 year)

Brusnwick Physical Therapy grounds and other private contracts



Nomad Builders

19881988 (less than a year)

Framing to finish carpentry ~ new residences

Heather N. Krausses Education

College of the Atlantic

Bachelors degree, Human Ecology focused in Architecture


Studies on humans' various relationships with their environment. Problem solving and balancing the everchanging and evolving dynamics of humans with the built environment and with nature. Sustainable green design.

Activities and Societies: The Society for Human Ecology

Endicott College

Interior and Architectural Design


Bath Vocational Technical School

Architectural and Marine Design and Drafting


My medium, as an artist, is fine woodwork built and finished by a most talented collection of craftsmen. My creative ability is only limited by the characteristics of the materials I use to create the most inspired and inviting spaces in any part of the home. Home is central and essential, and my passion.
Groups and Associations:

The Society for Human Ecology

Heather N. Krausses Experience in the following areas:

1. Interior Design

2. Residential

3. Renovation

4. Architectural Design

5. Sustainable Design

6. Additions

7. Space Planning

8. Residential Design

9. Custom Homes

10. Interior Architecture

11. Bathrooms

12. Cabinetry

13. Millwork

14. Residential Projects

15, Historic Preservation

16. Single Family Homes

Heather N. Krausse, Principal

47 Commercial Street, Bath, Maine 04530